Why Shedding Weight Is Important With Growing Age

Ageing is a slow process, and losing weight as you grow older is even more slower !



Gone are the days when you could eat what you wanted and still managed to stay slim. A younger body has a higher metabolic rate, which makes it easier to burn fat with the right diet and a little bit of exercise. However, once you cross the 35 years mark, shedding weight becomes an uphill task.

How does ageing affect our body?

The human body comprises of water, bones, muscles, organs and fat. Muscles and organs, are collectively called as lean tissues. As you grow older, you experience ‘Atrophy’ – a process of losing the lean tissues in your body, by the way of cell degeneration.

The growth hormone levels are reduced, which further deteriorates the muscle strength and the muscle mass, and along with the decrease in the bone density (also called as ‘Osteoporosis’), they cause stiffness to the joints, thereby, reducing the overall mobility. Water retention by the body also drops drastically.

The situation worsens with every passing year. Since the metabolism is low, accumulation of fat increases and leads to several health conditions like Coronary heart disease, High blood pressure, Diabetes-2, Osteoarthritis, Obesity hypo-ventilation syndrome, Gallstones etc.

What are the causes of weight gain ?

Weight gain happens due to several reasons:

  • Lack of physical activity – Ageing makes it difficult to take any physical strain. While some may be inactive due to health limitations, most people simply assume that they are old and avoid doing any activity at all.
  • Calorie intake – Like we said earlier, ageing lowers the metabolism and restricts the physical activities. If you don’t keep a check on your calorie count, not only you gain weight, but you are also making it difficult to lose it in future.
  • Stress – More responsibilities as you age means more stress. When you are in stress, a hormone called Cortisol is released by the body, to level you out in case of extreme conditions.

Now since the severity of stress in our daily lives is low most of the time, this hormone doesn’t get used and ends up being stored as fat !​

  • Hormonal Changes – Known to alter the mood of a person, hormonal changes also shift the fat storage to the abdomen, leading to poor diet and inactivity.
  • Genetics – Blame it on the genes. If the tough fat runs in your family, excess weight is likely to stick to you.
  • Certain Medical Conditions – Hypothyroid, Fungal overgrowth, Insulin resistance, just to name a few, are all associated to weight gain.

How do you shed weight ?

Losing weight is a challenging task for everyone irrespective of their age and gender. But if you step into a routine and follow it religiously, nothing really is impossible. It is important to make the necessary changes to your current lifestyle, if it’s no longer keeping you in shape – as you age.

Having said that, there is no best way to lose weight. What works for you may not work for the other. So you need to make a plan according to your body type, need, and lifestyle. There are many programs available on Internet. But, make sure to find the best one. You can always approach a professional for guidance. While they may suggest some variations in your regime, the basic thumb rule of losing as well as maintaining weight, remains the same.

Keep a tab of your calorie count

Counting the calories and cutting wherever needed is a practical approach to weight loss.

Whatever you eat, should be well balanced and nutritional and just enough to get you through the day. Anything extra is capable of turning into fat deposit. Check your required calorie intake with your dietician.

Food can be categorized as high, low or empty calorie food, based on the amount of energy they generate, relative to their portion size.

Oils, butter, fried foods, sugary sweets are all high calorie food that are considered unhealthy and should be consumed in smaller quantities, while olive oils, whole grains, avocados, dry fruits are the healthier options of high calorie food. Fruits and vegetables are low on calories, while empty calorie food have little or no nutrient value at all, like -processed meat, junk food, candies etc.

It is a simple fact – ‘eat less calories than you burn’.If you are eating more calories than necessary, you will need to change your behavior.

Choose the right food at the right time

As you grow older, always aim to eat healthy and at the proper times.

A calorie light diet can improve your metabolism, so you need to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables. In fact, you should replace 2/3rd of your meals with assorted fruits and vegetables and take up to 4-6 servings per day. They are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but they are also high on fiber needed for good digestion.

Include more high-protein foods like beans, lentils, egg whites, soy, nuts and seeds products, non-fat dairy foods, fish and lean meat into your meals. This will help in retaining and strengthening your ‘aging muscles’.

Some foods are also called as super-foods that can directly help you burn calories. While most of them are rich in fat burning agents, some are loaded with antioxidants for immunity building, and some foods have high satiety index, which means you tend to stay full for a longer time (making you eat less).

Never skip a meal, as it will only make you hungrier. Small but healthy snacking between the meals can drastically reduce your meal’s portion size. Opt for vegetable soup, fruits, nuts, low fat cheese, instead of chips, cookies, fries etc.

Eating more during the morning hours is better since you prepare your body for the day and need energy. One should opt for a moderate lunch followed by a very light dinner, as the metabolic rate decreases during the nights, leading to inevitable weight gain.

Drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices for proper hydration and a great digestive system. Avoid alcohol, sodas or energy drinks, as they are nothing but empty calories.

Be physically active and take ample rest

An hour of brisk walking, jogging or yoga can burn those unused calories and keep a check on body cholesterol and the blood sugar levels. It also helps in making your body flexible, agile and builds up stamina, thereby making you stay lean and fit.

Many women tend to gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. Nine months of carrying a baby in their wombs and nourishing it, takes a toll on their own health. Trying to get back in shape post delivery with a baby in their arms can get challenging.

And the longer you wait, the more stubborn the fat becomes, making it more difficult to get rid of. So it becomes imperative to start the work-out sessions as soon as you can. Do whatever is possible – climb the stairs, go for long walks, play a sport etc. Just be physically active and keep moving around!

Going out in the sun may look a little tedious but it is important to retain that vitamin D and sunshine. Moreover, it helps you to stay agile and active, keeping your weight under check. If you are concerned of sun burn or ocular diseases, then it’s always good to have protection with sun glasses. Always make sure to keep the glasses clean to avoid any optical issues.

Putting your mind at rest and getting 7-8 hours of sleep is equally important as it reduces the midnight snack cravings, increases the metabolic rate and boosts fat loss. It also makes your mind to stay more focused and calm.

Right diet and exercise habits play a significant role in a person’s weight changes during their lifetime. As you grow older, the immunity level drops and you become more weak and susceptible to all kind of diseases and ailments. Losing weight and maintaining an active lifestyle goes a long way in keeping you healthy and happy during those vulnerable years. ​

Weight Loss Tips from a Phentermine Pro

Losing weight while on Phentermine and keeping it off can be a difficult process and nothing short of a drag for those who struggle with weight issues. Sometimes it can make things a little bit easier and less daunting to read and understand the struggles of those who are like us and see what has helped and worked for them.


Annie Markowitz Weight Loss

Today, we will review six steps that have been laid out by a Holistic Health Coach named Annie Markowitz. Her original list can be found on mindbodygreen.com and is a great go-to guide for the formidable task of losing weight while taking Phentermine diet pills. Here are the six things that helped her to shed a whopping SIXTY FIVE pounds without constantly feeling deprived:

Annie Markowitz – Phentermine / Weight Loss Pro from MindBodyGreen.com

Find a few healthy recipes that you absolutely LOVE.” This is a no-brainer. Take the time to scour the internet. Try out as many new recipes as you can. If you prefer eating out, network to find the healthiest dining options in your area, but cooking at home can be very rewarding and also allows you to tweak recipes to make them even healthier or more suited to your taste.

Remember to take Phentermine dosage about 30 minutes before your meal. Regardless, find several healthy meals that make your mouth water, and you will be starting on your way to a healthier overall diet. The confidence of these smart and healthy food choices will help to boost motivation and keep you on track.

“If you have a sweet tooth, always have a healthy desert on hand to grab when you have a craving.” Many of us have those cravings for sugar, even while taking Phentermine and some of us more than others. Regardless of what category you fall into, if you get sweet cravings, it is very important to have healthy dessert options on hand at all times. This will help to keep you from splurging on something that is not so good or productive to your weight loss goals.

​ “Any time you feel the urge to snack, reach for veggies first.” Here is another no-brainer. Vegetables are high in nutrients and relatively low in calories. They should be the largest part of our diet. And with so many to choose from, there should be several that you can find as favorites or go-tos.

“No cheat days.” While some may disagree with this statement, Markowitz states it is important to not give yourself entire days to “cheat” your Phentermine weight loss program. She says that a whole day devoted to cheating can sabotage your long-term plan. Instead, have the occasional cheat moment.

Indulge on a piece of cake, pie, or cookie on holidays or special occasions. If you are feeling those craving that are mentioned above, always try to satisfy them with a healthy options, but for those really intense cravings, allow a small cheat dessert or meal, instead of a whole 12-24 hours of slacking on your healthy diet.

eating properly

Woman eating what she loves while taking Phentermine

“Eat when you’re actually hungry.” This one seems like yet another no-brainer, but eating out of habit or boredom is a big issue for many people. Believe it or not, even on Phentermine you can overeat. I know it has been for me. But, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Markowitz suggests really mentally focusing on your stomach and how it feels. Do you truly feel hungry? Or is there another problem that you may be masking with hunger? For me, I have tried to find other activities to do when I feel the urge to eat out of boredom or habit. As of lately, I have been simply standing up and doing anywhere from 10-100 squats. I do find that my mind becomes distracted, and this also helps towards my overall health goals. It is also something you can do almost anywhere and anytime. I often eat out of boredom when watching my favorite TV shows, but now,  I jump up instead and do some squats and still get to keep watching.

“Try to stop eating at least three hours before bed.” We have all most likely heard about the risks of eating late at night when trying to shed those extra pounds. Once Phentermine wears off, you begin to feel hungry and you cannot take another dosage to be able to sleep. Make sure you do not eat before going to bed! Our bodies burn more calories when we are up and active, so it only makes sense that if we eat late at night or any time of the day before a long rest, then our body will be storing those calories instead of burning them up.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss after reading our Phentermine tips – before and after in just few months!

Utilize these 6 tips in your own Phentermine weight loss program for extra motivation and to keep yourself from feeling too deprived. It is never too late to start and definitely never too late to add tips from others who share in your journey. We are all in this together and there has never been a better time to get on track than right now!

How To Plan For a Yoga Festival

Festival of Yogas

Thousands attending yoga festival every year



Ever thought about going to a Yoga festival? These festivals can be quite involved but you should come out feeling energized. Along with increased energy levels, you should have learned some techniques to take home with.

You might find yourself somewhat fatigued and perhaps even in pain when you’re done so I’d like to share with you some tips on how to plan for and survive a yoga festival.

6 Tips for planning and surviving

  • Don’t over do it – You’ll probably want to get your money’s worth since these events can be a little pricey. However, take care not to do to much. Get an understanding of what yoga is before you go and figure out what your limitations are so you get the most benefit for the money. Try steering away from Asanas or do just a few of them. Asanas is a particular posture that is done in Hatha yoga. This is difficult particularly for the beginner.
  • Mix it up – try attending some lectures on anatomy, Ayurveda and chakras. Learn about meditation and massages. Then, participate in one of their exercises because if you try too many you will become fatigued and possibly need to take a nap. Believe me, you will collapse. So, don’t over do it!
  • Plan your events – see what classes they offer and learn a little about the festival ahead of time. Determine what you are interested in and make a list to take with. The festival events are available on the internet. You’ll find lists of all events and the times they are available. So, do your homework.
  • Sign up early – now that you know what you want to do, you’ll need to sign up for various classes. Do this in advance and don’t wait till you get there. Classes often fill up quickly and close out.
  • Early bird offers – since these events can be pricey, take advantage of early bird discounts. If you have to travel far to get to the festival, you might want to carpool with someone and possibly share a motel. Instructors at the fair often have access to information about people attending and they can help you hook up. Look at the fairs website for further info on food and lodgings. Instructor information should be there as well and how to contact them.
  • Pack only what you need – don’t go hog wide and pack a lot of stuff. Just pack the minimum but don’t forget a water bottle, yoga mat, sunscreen and other items you need to exercise with. There will be vendors there that have everything/anything you might need so if you forget something, you can buy it there. The thing about the vendors is that they usually have new items available. You might want to take advantage of this and that’s why I say pack lightly, only what you need so you carry extras back.

Celebrities and Phentermine

If you keep an eye out for celebrities and keep up with what they are doing, you’ll notice that a number of women’s magazines publish articles in the spring about what celebs have done to keep looking good over the winter. A major concern to celebs is their weight. Most of them have to be their proper weight to look their best. ​



As they are for the most part always in the public eye, they need to keep trim at all times. If per chance, a celeb whether male or female comes across a really good weight loss system, the public would surely like to know about it and how it works. Celebs are often paid exorbitant amounts of money to share these new programs with the public. Quite often, a celeb will put out a DVD on the new program as well as manufacture equipment that you can buy. ​

Weight Loss on Red Carpet

Jennifer Hudson’s Phentermine Weight Loss Story

How PhenObestin looks

​Celebs not only come up with new exercise programs, there known for trying everything out there that will maintain proper weight. Many have used prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, injections and of course foods.

Some have gone as far as watermelon diets to lemonade diets for weeks at a time.  I mean all they eat is watermelon for a couple of weeks or drink a lemonade/honey drink for a month and taking in nothing else. On the other hand, prescription drugs and OTC drugs are commonly used by celebs to achieve their weight loss goals. And, appetite suppressants like phentermine have been used for a long time. Definitely thought to be the old standby. Decades ago, phentermine required a prescription but now is available in a number of forms without prescription. The newer nonprescription forms work as well as the prescription forms but with fewer and less severe side effects. This form of phentermine is very cost effective as a weight loss alternative such that most people will have no problem buying it.

Weight Loss Before and After

Missy Elliott – impressive 70 pounds weight loss on Phentermine

​Celebs have been know to use OTC laxatives, diuretics and stimulants separately and as various mixes to achieve weight loss. Much of this is temporary, say for example, that big award evening and they need to get into the skinny red dress. It’s amazing. They will literally do anything to lose even a few pounds to squeeze into something. Thyroid stimulants are popular along with synthetic thyroid hormones. Some celebs smoke cigarettes to keep thin as the nicotine in cigarettes acts as a stimulant.

Of all the weight loss systems, appetite suppressants like phentermine are high on the list of substances to use by many celebs and the average individual.. Since this weight loss dietary supplement is relatively safe to use, doesn’t require a prescription, conveniently available on line and affordable, it has become a very popular drug.

Dietary Tips For Healthy Weight Control

There many commercial advertisers claiming to help, but it’s only a deception, lies. All they care about is your wallet. Presentation is often the same – someone successful talks about amazing results.



What’s the most effective exercise or diet program?

There many commercial advertisers claiming to help, but it’s only a deception, lies. All they care about is your wallet. Presentation is often the same – someone successful talks about amazing results. You see happy faces left and right, families, skies, grass, beaches, palm trees, parties and beautiful bodies everywhere. That’s not the reality. The reality is you are overweight.  You are having health issues and happiness is last feeling you are having. By planting these images in your head, these advertisers are able to dig in your wallet, take your credit card and charge it. Most surprisingly, you are handing your hard earned money to them on your own. That happiness is only visual and only comes out of TV screen, not when you are looking at yourself in the mirror or sitting on the front of your doctor who is telling you about list of your health issues. There’s no formula that can guarantee better weight loss. It all depends on many factors. Major ones are food consumption and physical activities. Next is your metabolism, how fast your body can convert consumed food into energy, as well as your blood type and health conditions. Often medications you take also play the role. Pick any diet and exercise program of your choice. The most important is to stick to it. No matter how tired or unmotivated you are, you must continue like it’s your full time job and you are about to get fired. Set your goals and expectations realistically, take Phentermine and stick to your daily routine. After 6-12 months, you will see how things work for you. If you feel that you did not achieve enough, switch to something else until you find that perfect balance that keeps you healthy, happy and motivated. Once you get into routine of being physically active and watching what you are eating, you will no longer need Phentermine to lose weight. Life will become happy once again and your weight will be manageable. It all depends on how much you want to be healthy.

Some Tips on How to Keep Weight Off

Tired of being on the dieting roller coaster? Do you think it’s not possible to lose weight and keep it off? It is possible to lose weight and maintain that weight for a long time. To accomplish this calls for behavioral modification. This may be difficult at first but with a little practice you should be able to pull yourself around and get over the hurdle. Make sure to copy this page so that you have the list to follow to keep you on schedule. Any time you try to make changes to your routine it is a good idea to keep a log. This lets you see that you are accomplishing your goals. It will also let you know where you have fallen short.

Weight Loss Etreme

How to stop gaining weight

Increase Your Metabolism – One way to do this is to build lean muscle because muscle burns more energy than other tissues. The more muscle you have the more energy you’ll burn and will continue to burn when not exercising. You might try some light weight lifting to get you started. Also, you could try getting 1 to 3 pound weights to carry while you are walking. These are good places to start.

Make Yourself Feel Full – To do this, take in foods that are high in fiber. This will make you feel full and keep you from over eating and snacking in between meals. Consider foods like high fiber vegetables and fruits along with various whole grains.

Don’t Binge Eat – Knowing that you can’t have those high calorie foods that you love so much tends to make you binge eat. Try to avoid this as much as you can but allow yourself to have small amounts of these foods from time to time as a special treat. Try to keep very little of these foods in the fridge and pantry shelf. If they’re not there, you can’t eat them. Also, try to remember to eat out less where temptation is greater.

Keep Track Of What You Eat – Try to count your caloric intake as best as you can. There are a number of calorie logs on the internet you can use for free. If you are currently dieting, make sure you go below 2000 calories for the day. Try around 1500 calories or less and keep fats and sugars to a minimum. A higher protein and complex carb diet is best.

Meal Planning – Whether losing weight or trying to maintain a healthy weight, make an appropriate meal plan and make sure you stick to it. Plan for the week and write it down. Check off each meal as you go and if you deviate from it, write down that information. No cheating, write down exactly the extras you added.

Exercise – Exercising at least 3 times a week will help you to maintain your weight. Walking or bicycling are good ways to start if you’re not used to exercise. Consider at least an hour three times a week. Keep track of your exercise in a log as well.

Portion Control – If you are preparing your own meals, you’ll need to measure each one in terms of calories. What you want to do here is to see how much fat, sugar and protein you are taking in and their relative proportion. Proper balance between these is very important. If you take in too much sugar relative to fat and protein, this can cause you to gain weight even though the total caloric intake was the same for each meal. Remember, excess sugar gets stored as fat and you don’t want that. After a while, you will be able to tell what’s in certain foods just by looking at them. Start with fats (healthy fats) accounting for 20 to 35 percent of total calories, protein (lean) for 10 to 35 percent of total calories and carbs at 45 to 65 percent of the total. As you can see there is quite a range in percentages so you will need to start somewhere and adjust accordingly. Just make sure the total adds up to 100 percent.

Scales – If you don’t have a scale, then buy one. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Weigh yourself in the morning and in the evening and record your weight in a log. This will tell you if you need to make adjustments in your total caloric intake and percentages of fats, carbs and protein. This is a bit of trial and error but in no time you have it down pat. It will be smooth riding from there on out.

The Most Important Meal – You probably guessed it, breakfast! It has been reported that people who eat breakfast not only lose weight faster but have greater success in maintaining a healthy weight. Be smart about it and take in foods such as yogurt, fresh fruit and oatmeal. This keeps you from bingeing on late morning snacks and eating too much for lunch. ​

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How nutrition facts look

Dietary Tips – Always Consider Nutritional Facts