5 Ways to Effectively Burn Fat and Build Muscle

For most people, workout routines are the be-all and end-all of losing excess fat and strengthening muscles. And to be fair, your training regime is a big part of it.



However, that’s still just about two hours – or less – of your day. The other 22 hours have just as much importance on your body shape, and knowing how to utilize them to your advantage is incredibly valuable. If you’re just starting out, here is a list of the five best ways to go about burning fat and building muscle.

Decide on the Right Workout

The first thing to do before planning out your entire workout routine is finding out which body type you have. Ectomorphs have trouble gaining strength, endomorphs struggle losing weight, while mesomorphs are kind of the happy medium. Depending on your body type, your workouts should focus on very different things.

Since they’re naturally lean and thin, ectomorphs are advised to focus on building up their resistance. Compared to the other two body types, ectomorphs should rest a bit longer between sets and lift heavier weights with lower reps. There’s no need to torture your body with endurance training, since any muscle gains will likely be minimal

Endomorphs typically want their workouts to be balanced, with both endurance and resistance training playing a key part in shedding the unnecessary fat. Shorter rest periods and multiple sets of high reps should allow you to do a lot of work in a short time. Keeping an elevated heart rate throughout the session is also fairly important, so keep an eye on that.

Mesomorphs should want their training to include separate blocks of size, strength and endurance exercises. Versatility is the name of the game here; if your workout routine gravitates towards a particular exercise pattern, your results won’t be satisfying. Mesomorphs might be blessed with a “perfect” body type, but maintaining it is not as simple as it sounds.

Indulge in Heat Therapy

​Saunas and other heated environments are a good way to improve your insulin sensitivity, which will boost your odds of losing the excess fat quickly. This is hardly a shocker, but every time you enter a sauna, your body temperature will rapidly increase. This will activate a cellular response, which will increase insulin sensitivity and enhance blood flow to muscles. Cold showers work much the same way, but relaxing in a sauna is probably the more comfortable option.

Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard and hit the sauna too often. This kind of heat therapy is best practiced twice a week, somewhere in between your gym workouts.

Take Care of Your Diet

These days, the word “diet” has a lot of negative connotations. There is a good reason for it – most of the diets designed to burn fat expect you to deprive yourself of your favorite foods for long periods of time. Any diet that requires you to resist that temptation for too long is unlikely to succeed.

So, let’s go over the basics of a good diet. Staying away from insulin during inactive periods of your day is a good first step. Unfortunately, insulin is very efficient at allowing carbs to reach your fat tissue. For best results, mix up your breakfast routine by replacing any carbs with high-fat foods such as cheese, eggs and fatty fish. This should allow your protein intake to remain consistent. When you get around to doing your workouts, it’s time to reintroduce carbs to your diet. Even something as simple as a carb-rich drink will help you gain muscle and maximize your recovery.

After a workout, consider treating yourself to some complex carbohydrates such as pasta, beans and vegetables. This is the perfect time to hone your diet, since your muscles will be extra sensitized to ingesting the sugar molecules found in the carbohydrates. Taking care of your eating habits means you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds.

Use Cardio Exercises

When it comes to losing weight, few methods are more effective than cardiovascular exercises. This type of training does wonders for your circulatory system, which helps your capillaries expand and supply more oxygen to your muscles. In other words, your cells will be able to shed more fat, even during periods of inactivity.

Running is probably the most popular cardio exercise out there. If you’re not a fan of fresh air, using a treadmill is a good alternative. Twenty minutes of running should be enough for the effects to kick in, but consider going the extra distance by introducing more intensity to your training. Alternating between short intervals of sprinting and longer intervals of walking or jogging is an excellent way to make the most of your time.

Compared to the previous exercise, bike riding and swimming are easier on your joints. If you’re finding it hard to endure the physical challenges posed by running, these two methods provide additional options.

Pick the Right Supplements

Truly effective fat-burners are hard to find, especially if you’re just getting acquainted with the fitness world. Everyone wants to know which supplements are truly safe and will actually benefit you in the long run. The best way to go about it would be to focus on the fat burners which have been scientifically proven to be productive.

Protein supplements such as whey protein powder will ensure your body gets enough protein on a daily basis. Protein plays a huge role in the growth of muscle and increasing the amount of calories you burn through naturally. These supplements are simply the most convenient way of consuming those all-important proteins.

Creatine is a supplement that focuses on muscle gain. That’s far from the whole story, though – out of all the muscle gain supplements on the market, this is the only one that actually works. It was studied a ridiculous amount of times during this past decade, and there’s now enough scientific proof to guarantee its efficacy.

Finally, there’s fish oil. In addition to helping you lose weight and build muscle, these supplements have a plethora of additional health benefits. Fish oil contains two important omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA. These are the so-called good types of fat, and they come highly recommended by most strength and conditioning coaches out there.

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast or just someone who wants to shed few pounds of fat, you can learn more about the most effective bodybuilding supplements from MassGainSource.com

7 Natural Foods that Turbocharge your Weight Loss

When you’re closely following the protocol of the Phen375, you are aware of two very important factors—consistent dosing of the Phen375 on a regular schedule and cutting calories.



The Phen375 acts as a regulator to other hormones in the body, which means more energy and less cravings. Naturally, when trying to lose weight, less means more in regard to calorie intake, and that entails opting for foods that help—not hinder—your efforts in losing pounds and building muscle. So take a look at some natural ingredients and foods that will help you on your way to getting in shape. Also, this site has listed more than 300+ Phen375 reviews from verified customers.


Specifically, portabella mushrooms would be the most useful in your weight loss endeavor. These flavorful food items make great substitutes for steaks or hamburger patties; plus you’re cutting out a lot of calories and fat, and remember, fresh is best—not canned.


​Aside from the Egg Day, which you might need to avoid if possible, eggs improve any meal, particularly salads. You can simply cut up one boiled egg and sprinkle over your veggies for more flavor and protein. The powerful combination of fiber from the salad and the protein and Omega 3’s from the egg will help you to feel fuller for a longer period of time.


And speaking of salads, diced apples also make an awesome addition to any salad or even a side with a small slice of ham or a small pork chop. The sweetness pairs quite well with anything savory. Most importantly, the pectin from the peeling contains a good amount of fiber and has caught the attention of medical researchers due to its positive effect on weight loss and a decrease of cholesterol and other heart disease markers.


No, this is not referring to canned varieties found in the grocery store; rather homemade. Soups and stews pack a lot of nutrients for such a simple meal. The broth, itself, is low in calories and fat, especially if you mix water with vegetable or chicken broth. It can help you to get full more quickly. When you throw in your favorite herbs, spices, and vegetables with a small amount of chicken or beef, you’ll get a very satisfying meal in itself with 20% fewer calories than a multi-course meal.

Herbs and Spices

Many of these ingredients are utilized for homeopathic healing and as weight loss supplements as well as their flavor. Nonetheless, experimenting with a variety of herbs and spices is a lot more fun (and tastier) than popping a capsule. Some herbs and spices that possess nutritional benefits and metabolic-boosting qualities are: cinnamon, cumin, basil, turmeric, and oregano just to name a few.


Again, you would opt for the least processed oats instead the instant or “quick oats.” Steel-cut oats are the best choice and can usually be found in any grocery or health food store. The benefits behind oats all center on the fiber, which the body has to really work to digest. So this complex carb will keep hunger at bay and maintain stable glucose levels, which means less release of insulin into the system and better yet, less stored fat!

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ok. So maybe not the popular music group, rather the capsaicin-loaded vegetable that is also high in fiber and Vitamin C, and yes, you can include green and any other color of chili peppers as well. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that when you eat chili peppers, say in the form of salsa for example, thirty minutes before a meal, you will eat about 10% less and feel fuller. The best approach is to dip vegetables (celery is great!) instead of chips to cut out fat and carb. Also, if the heat gets to you, don’t worry. Drinking at least eight ounces of water before meal also helps to cut back on portions and number of servings.

There you have it – seven great food items that are sure to partner well with your popular weight loss supplement in driving away cravings, boosting metabolism, and improving your energy levels all day.

What Healthy Foodies Actually Drink All Day

When you’re trying to make healthy changes in your life, the single most important step can be upgrading your diet.



Making the choice to eat right and drink plenty of fluids is critical to your success. Drinking water is probably one of the most important things you can do to stay in shape and maintain your health, but water isn’t for everyone. In fact, it can be a little lack luster if you used to something sweeter, like soda.

If you’re trying to up your hydration game, here’s some fantastic drinks to keep you hydrated (and interested).

Delicious Alternatives to Plain Water

Let’s keep things simple and start with the obvious – infused water. The great thing about water infusion is that you control the flavor and there’s a wide variety of options. You can use ingredients like cucumber, pineapple, strawberry, mint and so much more. You’re only limited by your imagination. Infused waters are an excellent way to encourage hydration too.

The same goes for sparkling waters too. If you have one of those counter top soda machines you can make your own sparkling water with whatever flavor you like. Definitely a convenient way to up your hydration game.

Tea can be a good option too, in moderation, especially if you opt for herbal tea. You can even get blends without caffeine for later in the day. Tea contains a lot of antioxidants too so you’re getting the added benefit and a boost of immunity.

Ways to Make Hydration a Habit

Of course, nothing beats water when it comes to hydration so no matter what way you choose to have it – infused, with a twist of lime or lemon – there are ways you can encourage the habit.

Carry a water bottle with you at all times. If you have a container where you can easily fill up at a cooler or water fountain, it is that much easier to stay hydrated. Some drinking fountains even have a space for water bottles nowadays, how cool is that! Carrying your own bottle also helps reduce waste and is a more sustainable option so you’re doing your part for the environment too.

If plain water is a little too plain for you, add a squeeze of lime, lemon or grapefruit juice. You can even add a splash of kombucha if you want. Just a small amount goes a long way.

If you need a reminder to drink a glass of water, try setting your phone or downloading an app for a reminder. Your smartphone can be an easy and useful tool for staying hydrated.

The options are almost unlimited when it comes to adding water to your daily routine. The key is sticking with it. Like any change it may take awhile before it really sets in, but before you know it you’ll have a hydration habit that is unbeatable.

Drinking water will help you lose weight, feel full during meals and keep you healthy. It is no wonder that staying hydrated is one of the first thing suggested by the major diet plans out there. It works!