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Before you Buy Adipex - Important Facts

Adipex P is a registered trademark of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Teva manufactures Adipex for the purpose of selling in the USA only. Adipex P is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for short-term weight loss. FDA also classified ingredients in Adipex P as a schedule IV controlled substance. Possession without prescription is illegal.
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How Adipex Look?

Generally Adipex P looks like white tablet with blue specks.Phentermine HCL looks blue and normally amount of these specks kind of relates on how many milligrams of Phentermine HCL is in the pill. If you see white tablet with lots of blue dots, that means there more active ingredient in it and it is usually 37.5mg. If you see less or hardly see any, it is usually 30, 20 or 10mg of Phentermine HCL in it.
adipex p white tablets with blue spekcs

this is how adipex p tablets look like

What are the ingredients in Adipex?

Before you buy Adipex P - look at Phentermine HCL formula

This picture illustrates what Phentermine HCL ingredient of Adipex P looks like

Adipex P is a brand and comes in 2 forms - generic and brand name. Both forms include only one active ingredient - Phentermine HCL. This ingredient has been around since 1980. Since that time, it positioned itself in the market as the most effective weight loss drug in the world. Many people lost weight with it. Phentermine HCL helps suppress your appetite and give you energy to stay active. Adipex P pills are offered with different amount of milligrams of Phentermine HCL. Normally it comes in 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg and highest - 37.5 mg. When you ask for prescription, at first doctors give you 10mg pills. When you develop resistance, just like any drug, doctors normally upgrade you to higher dosage, unless you develop side effects. When you start taking 37.5mg dosage and it's no longer working, its time to stop. Increasing will only bring you problems. Phentermine ingredient is addictive and considered to be similar to amphetamines. Do not abuse Phentermine HCL.

Buy Adipex Online

what you need to know when purchasing adipex online

buy adipex online

Many searching Google and try to buy Adipex online. There plenty of international pharmacies seem to offer all kinds of pills including Adipex P. What you need to be aware of is that Adipex P is only available in the United States. If any online pharmacies offering you to buy Adipex online, there two possible scenarios. One is they are just lying to you, two they are breaking the law. There is no way to purchase Adipex without prescription online. It is punishable on the same level as drug dealing. The only way to legally buy Adipex is to go to your doctor and ask for prescription. You may be able to find online pharmacy that sell Phentermine HCL product from another country. Some countries are allowed to sell Phentermine HCL based drugs without prescription, but certainly not under the name Adipex P. Every country names brands of Phentermine HCL differently and you need to do you research before you Buy Adipex type of pills.

Procedure of Getting prescription to Buy Adipex

this is how doctor writes prescription to buy adipex

you need a doctor to write adipex prescription

In order to legally buy Adipex, which is available in any pharmacy, you need to call your doctor. When you get your doctor on the phone, explain why you need it. Some people take these pills for the reason of losing weight, some people think they need it when they don't. Your physician will determine if further appointment is necessary or he will tell you that it's not needed. Don't get disappointed if your doc tells you that Adipex is not for you. Normally Adipex is prescribed when you finished exercising other options or you about to go "under the knife" for a weight loss surgery. Once you get Adipex prescription, you pretty much good to go, just stop by at any grocery store or pharmacy and fill your prescription.

If you can't get prescription to buy Adipex

having troubles getting adipex prescription

this is what you do if you can't get adipex prescription

If your doctor told you that Adipex is not what you need and you feel that your body needs it, there still options. If you are healthy enough to take stimulants for weight loss, you might want to look at something else other than Adipex. Supplements might be your "drug of choice" instead. There few classifications of supplements. Total placebo, half placebo and some what placebo. Honestly, there no real supplement that will replace Adipex. Within the supplements there 2 categories - Herbal and Nutraceuticals (natural pharmaceuticals). FDA has their hands on what amount you can get per unit so it will never bring any type of complications as prescription pills. Recently there have been many ingredients that FDA took out of the market. For example Beta-phenylethylamine HCL (recently got under radar), DMAA, Ephedrine and many others. The only working ingredients are Nutraceuticals and there few left that are some what effective. All herbal diet pills will not help - it is just a placebo. Some effective nutraceuticals that are left on the market can be found in the product called "PhenObestin 37.5 Extra Strength". If you take this product, you will get some what similar results to Adipex - it will suppress your appetite and give you energy. This is the only product on the market that can replace your need to buy Adipex. You can visit the following URL to learn more about Phenobestin 37.5 Extra Strength -

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