Getting Serious About Weight Loss?

In this day and age, the thought of weight loss can be very daunting to any individual. Between a plethora of fad diets, recommendations for workout routines, weight loss supplements, and the like, we can become a bit overwhelmed when facing the desire to shed those extra pounds. Here are a few suggestions from to really get serious and see the results that you want!



Begin with manageable lifestyle changes. It can be too overwhelming to completely change your many aspects of your life including diet and exercise. Start with smaller and more manageable lifestyle changes.

Start using honey instead of sugar in your coffee and tea. Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Add something healthy to your dinner while making your dessert smaller. Find recipes for quick and easy meals that are also healthy to replace those times when you normally get takeout or fast food. These small and less daunting changes will seem easy and then you can continue to make small changes until a big change has been made over time. This way, your results will also get better and better with time, being extra rewarding.

Find healthier alternatives to your usual “snack” items. This is where many of us fail in our weight loss ventures. We continue to shop in the aisles of the grocery store that have snack items that are high in sugar and salt, which can be a huge downfall for any diet. There are so many healthy options for snacking these days, and we can find a plethora of information on the internet about how to get our snacking habits to a much healthier place.

Never skip the most important meal of the day. Having a substantial breakfast can keep hunger levels and the need for energy down later in the day. And we have all heard about how eating late in the day and late at night can be a roadblock to success in weight loss. There are so many healthy cereals that are also delicious and easy to prepare.

Start small with workout routines. Many people dig in to a far too advanced and/or frequent workout schedule when starting a diet or weight loss program. This can be far too overwhelming and cause a person to want to give up far sooner than they should. You can literally start with five minute workouts. Once you see how easy this is and how much better it makes you feel from the physical to the mental to the emotional, you will have more motivation to work out, and you will naturally want to increase the time and intensity of your workouts after you begin to see those first results. Even a loss of one pound is a step in the right direction and can and should be celebrated. So, start off small and let the small accomplishments feel big. This will keep your motivation levels up, and small increases over time to ten minutes, then twenty and so on will be even more rewarding and easy to achieve. Before you know it, you may just be someone who works out for an hour a day!

Most importantly, try to have fun with your weight loss program. Don’t make it a drudge or a miserable responsibility. Find healthy foods that you know you enjoy. Add music and friends to your workouts. Get out into public spaces and parks and meet other people with the same goals. Join a sports team or just an interest group that shares in your passions. Talk with your doctor about any supplements that may help you individually, and take the time to research these supplements. It can be, not only, fun to learn about new alternative methods, but can also be a good way to add small things to your routine to get your mind geared towards your goals.No matter what you do, the most important thing is to never lose hope. As mentioned above, every pound lost is a step in the right direction. You may even experience unexpected gains, but do not lose hope. Let it be a little more motivation to try a little bit harder. You can do it!

10 Minute Cardio Workout

If you want to incorporate cardio into your daily life but find yourself crunched for time, you can follow this super effective routine and be done in just 10 minutes a day!



Always remember while on your journey to health and fitness, some exercising everyday is better than none at all. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, there are ways to keep your blood flowing, energy levels high and your heart healthy.

Warm Up Stretches

Yoga on the Beach

Warm Up Stretches

​Warming up before starting any type of workout routine is of major importance for two reasons. In a typical warm-up session, you will be stretching and flexing your muscles. This will open up the ability for your body to move easily and freely, making your exercises more effective. Secondly, this helps prevent more of a chance of injuring yourself. If your muscles are tight while exercising, you run the risk of tears and even more drastic injuries. Never bypass stretching/warming up before starting an exercise routine, even if it is just 10 minutes per day.

Easy Ways To Warm-Up Before Your 10 Minute Cardio Workout​

Dance Workout

Easy 10 minutes cardio workout every day to stay healthy and motivated!

10 Minute Cardio Workout Exercises

Arm Wheels – Pretend that your arms are wheels on a car for 30 seconds. Stand up straight with your arms extended out. Draw big circles on the imaginary walls that you are standing in between.

Big Band March – With your knees coming up high, march in place for another 30 seconds.

Work Those Calves – Standing with your feet shoulder length apart, bring one knee up at a time and hold in place for 5 seconds.

Slowly bring your leg back down to the floor straight. Continue to alternate between both legs until you have done 10 in total (5 per leg).
Imaginary Seating – Standing with your feet shoulder length apart, squat down as if you are having a seat. Each time you “sit,” hold for a few seconds and slowly rise. Do this 10 times and lead with your hips each time you stand.

Jog In Place – For 30 seconds, jog in place.

  1. March in place similarly like you did in your warm up exercises for 30 seconds.
  2. Do your sitting exercise but this time extend your arms out in front of you as you are lowering yourself to “sit” – Be sure that your arms are parallel with the floor. Each time you raise up, bring your arms back down to your side.
  3. Jumping Jacks – Do 30 jumping jacks extending your arms over your head each time.
  4. Kung-Fu Kicks – Step slightly to the side and kick straight ahead and outward. Kick high and keep your stomach tight. You can alternate between kicks or do 10 reps on each leg at a time.
  5. Sidestepping – Jump or step side to side while keeping your stomach tight for 30 seconds
  6. Stand up straight with legs slightly apart. Bend down and cross over and touch your toes on your opposite foot. Ideally, keep your knees straight and alternate. Touch each set of toes 10 times.
Treadmill Running

Daily cardio workout

Beat Belly Bloat With A 3-Minute Breathing Exercise

Believe it or not there is a way to beat belly bloat and all it takes is a three-minute breathing exercise on a daily basis. This breathing routine is called Kundalini.



Essentially what happens is that you cleanse your gastrointestinal tract and flush your kidneys to provide for proper elimination which will not only support healthy gut function but thyroid function as well. Once you have the glandular organs working properly, hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) tends to subside. So, if you have bloat problems and an underactive thyroid, this exercise should work well for you and it is so simple.

Working out

Three Minutes Exercise

3-Minutes Exercise

  • ​This exercise should be done in the morning every day.
  • Place your palms together in front of you while interlacing your fingers together. Keep your palms together while trying to pull your fingers apart. Your hands should be at neck level. This helps to send positive energy to your thyroid.
  • Twist your waist towards your left side while breathing in. Return to frontal position and breath out. Repeat this motion 10 times (can do 20 times). This twisting helps to circulate blood back to the heart. Remember venous return, blood going back to the heart, is on the right side of your body. This motion will increase venous return.
  • Now, you do the other side. From the erect frontal position, twist to the right while exhaling. Return to frontal position while breathing in. Repeat 10 times (can do 20 times if you like). This helps to detox your liver and glandular organs.
  • You should be able to do this within three minutes.
  • When you’re done, take time to sit and relax with eyes shut (reflect in your mind’s eye) and slowly inhale and exhale deeply. You should have a sense of an energetic state.
Sundown and yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Great 12 Minutes Workout For Weight Loss

Do you think it is possible to get a good workout in 12 minutes? You probably think that it takes at least an hour or more at the gym.



Not so. It can be done in 12 minutes. This is not for everyone but if you can do high-intensity training (HIIT) then you’re good to go. This type of exercise does short rest periods with intense workout times. This helps you to burn more calories quickly and keeps your metabolism high for the rest of the day. And, this can happen in three days a week.

tips for good workout

Simple 12 minutes workout for your every day weight loss!

You really have to keep up the pace, even when you’re exhausted and you’re sore to see results. But, if you can do that then you’re on your way. It’s nice to know that these exercises can be done just about anywhere so a gym is not necessary. Keep in mind you need an interval timer.

Let’s get started. Get your interval timer and set it for 18 rounds of ten second and thirty second intervals. What you’ll be doing is resting on the ten second intervals and working on the thirty second intervals. You will want to follow the exercises below in that order. That is to say one exercise every thirty seconds then rest for ten seconds and then repeat this 18 times.


long jump squats outside

Long Jump Squat Combo

Long Jump Squat Combo – get into a push-up position. Tense your stomach, buttocks and thighs. Bring your chest towards the floor. Now push up and bring one knee towards the opposite hand. Do this again and then do it for the other side of the body.

line sprints marathon

Line Sprints

​Line Sprints – establish 2 points about 50 ft apart. Run from one point to the other, turn and run back. Do this again.

speed skater lunges for health

Speed Skater Lunges

​Speed Skater Lunges – get into side lunge with a leg bent parallel to floor while other leg is extended to the side. Jump in an upward motion as you switch the position of your legs. Your opposite leg will be bend and the other one straight. Make sure you keep your abdomen, thighs and buttocks tensed throughout this exercise.

candlestick burpees work out

Candlestick Burpees

​Candlestick Burpees – This exercise allows you to be on the ground on your back. Make sure your legs are straight, place hands palms down next to you. Keep your torso tense. Keep your toes pointed, legs straight and lift them together. Before you get to the vertical, lift your lower back off the ground into candlestick position. Your bottom will be up off the ground and your arms will be supporting you below (candlestick position). Bring your legs back to the ground and rock to get up on your feet. Bring your legs behind you and place your palms flat down on the ground in front of you and get into push-up position while bringing your chest to the ground. Jump feet forward and straight up in the air. That is one repetition so you need to repeat the sequence again. Good luck!!!!!!

Pike jumps at the gym

Pike Jumps

Pike Jumps – get into a dogie position on all fours. Make sure you have your weight on your shoulders. Push up with your feet as far as you can to one side then jump to the other side and repeat.

How to Lose 70 Pounds Without Phentermine Quick!

Are you overweight? Have you been trying to lose weight for a long time and just can’t seem to get there. Do you feel hopeless, helpless and embarrassed?



Unfortunately, our society and media put forth a thin image and if you’re not you aren’t respectable. This takes its toll after a while until you are actually devastated. Now, you are stuck in a rut and feeling bad about yourself. This is when you get fast food like hamburgers or pizza and add some ice cream to that when you should be eating something healthy.

Fast food is bad for you

In order to lose weight, you must avoid junk food, period!

​First off, you need to search deep inside of you and determine an ideal you. This is not an external view of yourself but rather inside. Find out what you are all about. No doubt when you have attempted to diet, you did it with mixed emotions so intermittently you didn’t follow your diet because you felt bad about yourself. Putting yourself down and dwelling on that. Perhaps you’ve stopped having pictures made of yourself because you don’t want to see what you have become. Now’s the time to pull up and make that change. It’s as simple as telling yourself that you deserve “to live well and be well”. Just do it. Convince yourself.

Cookies and Ice Cream

You must avoid eating ice cream in order to lose weight!

The old saying is if you can love yourself unconditionally, you will have special powers that you can call upon. This is important even in the small things. Suppose you just got home from work, tired, hungry looking for that half gallon of ice cream. From unconditional love for self, you will let yourself know that you don’t need or want the ice cream and move on.

French Fries Photo

Fries is the worst kind of food when it comes to weight loss!

One thing to consider is your understanding of weight loss routine. Perhaps you pay too much attention on the what’s of dieting as opposed to the whys. Simply put, you known you need to eat your broccoli and stay away from French fries but under all of that you’re not getting the fact that it is to lose weight and be healthy (feel good, body and mind). No doubt French fries would certainly win out on taste alone as opposed to broccoli, but broccoli actually does taste good and so you need to convince yourself. Undo some learned bad behavior.

fat woman standing on scales

Get negative feelings out of your mind and feel positive – depression will not help you lose weight!

Once you get to the point that you accept that you are worthy of well being, mentally and physically, you’ll will find that all the negative-thoughts you had will begin to dissipate. Your negativity was rearing its ugly head in making you over eat. This should now subside.

Women bellies

Look at me – this is my body before I lost 70 pounds without Phentermine or any other diet pill. Follow me and you will lose 70 pounds as well!

If you have 70 or more pounds you would like to lose, self worth is the key. It is possible to lose 70 pounds in one year but certainly under two years. After all you took a life time to get into the state you’re in. I can’t emphasize enough that weight loss and any other problem you might have is truly an inside job. That is to say, you need to look deep inside and develop respect and love for self. You are certainly worth it.  So, make sure that you know the “why” for wanting weight loss. And, that means you want to live well, be well, be healthy!

Before and After Weight Loss

Before and after photos – how I lost 70 pounds quick and easy way without Phentermine