Adipex Dosage

Adipex-P is the trade name for Phentermine Diet Pills by Teva Pharmaceuticals, an Israeli manufacturer of generic drugs. It is available with a doctor’s prescription as an appetite suppressant used to assist people who are seeking to lose weight. It works by inducing the body to respond in the way that it naturally responds to stress, which triggers a “fight or flight” response that reduces hunger.



What is the common Adipex P dosage?

Adipex-P is available in a 37.5mg dose, and this is the most common dose that is prescribed to patients. For some patients, their physician will instruct them to split the pill in half and take half of it before breakfast and the other half before lunch. Therefore, it is administered in either a 37.5mg full dose once a day or an 18.75 mg half dose twice a day.

Doctors often prescribe the two half-doses to patients who have trouble controlling their appetite throughout the day. In these patients, taking a half dose twice a day may reduce their appetite more effectively, but it also carries with it an additional risk that they will be unable to get enough sleep at night. Your doctor will specify the dosage when you are prescribed this drug, and will make a decision about the dosage based on a variety of factors.

The exact impact of Phentermine 37.5mg in patients has been difficult to properly assess. Studies have been conducted of patients with obesity using a control group that was given a placebo.

What this research indicates is that the benefits of Phentermine 37.5 are somewhat limited – a study conducted in 2006 in Korea found that the average weight loss difference gained from taking Phentermine was small, and typically between 5 and 10 percent. It is important to remember that this study was funded by a Korean pharmaceutical company and was intended to demonstrate the benefits of limited, short-term Phentermine usage.

Adipex Is not Magic – Make sure you need it!

Before you consider whether or not to ask your doctor to consider prescribing you Phentermine, you should ask yourself why you want to take it, and look at the available research so you can develop realistic expectations. You should consider that the amount of weight that many patients lose is relatively modest compared to patients following a similar diet and exercise program. Also, you should remember that if you are not going to change your lifestyle, then taking Phentermine will at best provide a temporary weight loss that you are at a high risk of gaining back as soon as you are finished with the medication. It is also important to remember that patients taking Phentermine typically develop a tolerance relatively quickly, which means that attempting to take Phentermine again will produce even less effective results.


Pros: The primary benefit of taking Adipex or any other form of Phentermine is a short-term weight loss as part of a diet or exercise program. Studies conducted proved that you can lose more weight when taking Adipex along with diet.

Cons: Your body can quickly develop a tolerance to this medication. It can cause potentially serious cardiovascular side effects including tachycardia and pulmonary hypertension, as well as anxiety.  Oftentimes people develop serious dry mouth, headache, sexual side effects, and anxiety.

As you consider whether or not Adipex is right for you it is important to discuss with your doctor whether the potential benefits outweigh the serious risks to your health that this medication can pose.

Pros: Adipex P is considered the best Phentermine pill because of the delivery methods, that’s proprietary and patented technology by Teva, it comes in slow release capsules with tiny balls inside and each of these balls is like a pill on it’s own.

Cons: If you take Adipex P slow release capsule in the afternoon, you might not be able to sleep at night.

Rich Vecchio – I have been more than happy with the results from Phentermine. I was put on a prescribed course because of concerns for my health. This of course was coupled with an overhaul of my diet and learning how to exercise as a routine again. I understand it is probably not for everyone and I know it is not a ‘magic pill’ but the results can’t lie with just over 45 pounds lost in the few months I have been using it. Of course I am aiming to continue this journey towards better health and a lighter me without Phentermine but I’d definitely say to those that are in need and think they might fit the criteria for having it prescribed to them ….. go suggest it to your doctor.

Beth De Bretton – So far I have to say I have been pleased with what Adipex has done for me. Maybe it’s because I have done things more or less by the book I have encountered only minimal side effects, I’ve quite possibly had worse side effects in my past by drinking too much coffee or alcohol to be honest. Maybe I am just lucky to not have any reaction to the active ingredients. Either way I am happy and it has provided a strong base from which to continue losing weight and exercising and living right. My family has noticed a positive difference and I now have friends interested in starting a program similar to mine if they are given the all clear to by their doctors

Adrian Harrison – Hey all I just wanted to say I am so grateful to have found Adipex as it has been an absolute relief to finally have a way to win against my bathroom scales. I’m a 29 year old mum who doesn’t get a whole lot of time to exercise and my diets would just leave me feeling empty and needing more so as a result my diets would end in failure and I’d tend to stack on even more pounds. Adipex has really helped to stop those cravings and I do not feel empty and tempted to eat any more.

Peter Black – Well, I’m 37 years old and was overweight because I ate fast food all the time. After discussing it with my doctor, she prescribed Adipex to me. After using this for about 2 months, I have lost about 38 pounds, I find like a complete different person. Of course, I’m more active. I run 3 days a week also try to eat healthier: veggies and fruits, mainly and drink a lot of water. I don’t eat pizzas and fast food anymore. I am really happy about the results.

Zulu Dan – I am currently using Duromine 40mg – which I think is the Australian equivalent to Adipex – to control my propensity for overeating. I am making remarkable gains in fitness too from the amount of energy I seem to have. I am now able to do short runs 3-4 times per week and I have started swimming to help my overall fitness too. I don’t know if the extra energy is because I have managed to lose 16kg in just 8 weeks of being on the medication or if the energy is from the medication itself.

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