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Blake Lively Shares Her Weight Loss & Fitness Goals for 2017 After Baby #2!

Getting back down to size after childbirth is a  struggle most  mothers can relate to, especially after baby #2. But for A-list celebrities the pressure can be overwhelming, especially if they’re under the gun with a new movie starting.



Celebrity moms often fall under far more scrutiny post baby than most moms expect to encounter which is hard not to take personally. In Hollywood, image is everything, as they say, visually and otherwise, and there’s always someone younger and  more fit right around the corner ready to take your  place. Blake Lively has shared some of her own experiences with the public during both pregnancies,  and what it’s like facing the same struggles other moms do while under the harsh Hollywood spotlight.

After the birth of her first daughter, Blake worked hard getting back to fighting shape within 8 months of giving birth in preparation for a bikini scene as leading lady Nancy Adams in  the 2016 film  The Shallows. After following a soy and gluten-free diet to achieve her quick success, Blake shared her struggles with dieting restrictions  on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O show. She described to the talk show co hosts and viewers how surprisingly difficult it was finding foods that didn’t contain either gluten or soy.  This unexpected setback didn’t seem to get in the way of her weight loss results, however. Lively received high praise for creating her toned and fit  post baby bikini body in time for the movie.

Healthy Blake Lively

This time around, Blake Lively is relying on a combination of rigorous workouts and a home delivered meal system to regain her pre-baby weight. Gearing up for the new year, Blake shared an  Instagram post with fans about her 2017 new year’s resolution to get down to her pre-pregnancy size and wear her favorite jeans again, a promise she vowed in her posting along with a picture shutout for Epicured, the home delivered meal plan she started.  Just two months after giving birth, Blake assured fans this was not a sales plug, but a recognition of  her commitment to herself to get back to a healthy food and fitness level.

Blake has also made her workout progress with personal trainer Don Saladino a focus of recent Instagrams. Saldano’s training program  pulls no punches and has Blake doing 30 to 75-minute alternating workouts 5 to 6 times a week, according to Saldan. He explained his approach of rotating rigorous upper and lower body, catch, throw,  and carry intensive training sessions with alternating daily workouts. This approach is designed to increase the heart and metabolic rate in order to burn more calories while also building overall strength and muscle tone, he explained in a recent interview. From the looks of follow-up instagram posts, this plan seems to be working!

Blake Lively Vogue

On the struggles celebrity moms face being in the limelight, Blake Lively offered  some recent insight into what she thinks about unflattering pics of famous moms after pregnancy and their more critical responses.In Lively’s view, pregnant women have a different kind of beauty to them than the standard Hollywood typically promotes and should be appreciated for its natural wonder. She wishes she were braver in embracing that natural radiance and beauty herself.

We second Blake Lively’s sentiments, whose own striking beauty resonates whether she’s a glowing 8-months pregnant, post-baby or back to her old  pre baby size, as I’m sure husband Ryan Reynolds would agree. Wishing her good luck on her journey, we look forward to future updates on her progress fitting back into those jeans!

Is Coconut the Key to Weight Loss?

Making healthy choices can be challenging, especially when new studies and trends hit the scene every year. You know how it is, one year its raw diet, the next it is all about detox. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up! One trend that looks to make it big in 2017 is coconut and we’re not just talking about the water.



Of course, like most trends, there’s a lot of misinformation and false promises so it is important that you get the facts before jumping in with both feet. Leading experts and nutritional consultants seem to agree that coconut can have its share of benefits, but what are they?

Weight Loss with Coconuts

Making healthy choices can be challenging, especially when new studies and trends hit the scene every year. You know how it is, one year its raw diet, the next it is all about detox. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up! One trend that looks to make it big in 2017 is coconut and we’re not just talking about the water.

Of course, like most trends, there’s a lot of misinformation and false promises so it is important that you get the facts before jumping in with both feet. Leading experts and nutritional consultants seem to agree that coconut can have its share of benefits, but what are they?

The Benefits of Eating Coconut

The major benefits of coconut on your health are currently being studied, but some of the well known properties include:

Controlling Your Appetite​ – Coconut can help keep you from cheating on your diet but curbing your cravings and helping you stay “full” longer. It accomplishes this through the healthy fat components within that give you a boost of energy while staying in your system longer. It is a great combination that allows you to ward off cravings and stick to your diet.

Reduced Carbohydrates – Another great thing about coconut is that it is loose in carbohydrates which makes it     easier to lose weight. It also has an easy to digest sugar that allows you to digest smoothly and completely. In fact, unprocessed coconut is an amazing snack in and of itself. You can add it to shakes, smoothies and other recipes to help integrate a low carb option into your meals.

How to Get the Most Out of Eating Coconut

It is very important that you monitor your portion size when it comes to eating coconut. This is especially true if you’re adding it into your weight loss diet for the benefits. For one, coconut can have a lot of calories and there’s also a large amount of saturated fats. Be sure to keep an eye on how much you’re consuming in a day and try to keep it at less than 10% of your normal intake.

You may want to stick to a simple serving size per day in order to keep your calories in check. This can be a pre-measured amount or just a single serving, whatever is easier for you to remember.

When you add coconut to your diet it is important to understand the composition. Coconut can be high in fat and it contains a type of fat that is outside our normal consumption. This is because of the composition of coconut and the complex sugar chains within it. This complex is used to create energy rather than store energy and that is part of the reason coconut can be so effective when it comes to keeping us satisfied.

Keep in mind that scientists are still studying the fat-burning effects of coconut but the early results are promising. It is one of the reasons we’re sure that coconut will be one of the big food trends of 2017!

A Detoxing Bone Broth & Beet Winter Soup

If you are interested in nutrition and promoting a healthy lifestyle, you’ve probably researched the process of detoxifying your body. Maybe you’re already exploring detoxes or completing them as part of your own routine.



When it comes to choose detox, the reasons behind it can be complex and varied. Many people choose to detox because they desire to rid the body of toxins in addition to leading a life that is healthy and pure. Natural and fresh foods may be incorporated into the detox process.

Antioxidant Beets soup

One of the best foods to add to your detox routine is beets. They truly are a super-food, but they can be an acquired taste. Beets have some amazing properties that help the detox process by cleansing the liver through antioxidants. In fact, beets can also encourage detoxing in the body’s natural detox organs – the kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

If you want to incorporate beets into your detox diet, one of the best ways to do this is through soup. The Russians and eastern Europeans were well aware of the beet when it comes to soup, they perfected Borscht. For detox, Borscht is the perfect solution and when you add a savory broth made from bones, all the better.

This recipe is so good, it will even win over the toughest beet critic. It has a savory bone broth that gives the soup a warm, hearty feel without overpowering the senses. Add the beets and you have the perfect detoxifying broth.

So how do you make this culinary wonder? Here’s the recipe.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Bone broth (beef), making it from scratch is best but you can also purchase it pre made)
  • Beets (2-3), peel and cut into small cubes
  • Yellow Onion Celery (3-4 stalks)
  • Fennel Carrots (4) Garlic (4 cloves)
  • Olive Oil you can add the final touches, the beets and broth.
  • Season to taste but be sure to taste it throughout cooking.
  • Lemon (1)
  • Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper


Heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a pan, warm it slowly and be sure it doesn’t get too hot. Once the oil is warm, add the onion, carrots and celery, all diced. Allow these to cook for a just a minute or two before adding salt, pepper and topping off with the fennel. Once this has cooked down, transfer to a stock pot or slow cooker.

Once the veggies have been added to the pot, mince your garlic and add to the mixture.

Now, let the soup cook on low for 4-6 hours, this brings out the best flavor. If you’re short on time, you can also turn the heat up just a touch and reduce the cook time to 1.5 hours. Keep an eye on the veggies and make sure they have cooked enough to be pierced with a fork. Once the veggies are soft, add another splash of olive oil and lemon zest.

Of course, you can adjust any part of this recipe to meet your own tastes. If you like more garlic, feel free to add it into your soup. Anything on this list can be added to match your own preferences. That is the beauty of this recipe! So grab a bowl and enjoy your new detox recipe!

The 24/7 Metabolism: How to keep it running & Why

Ok, ladies, here’s the scoop: it all comes down to the metabolism. Whether we like it or not, we have to keep it going!



So when it comes to weight loss, the metabolism that never sleeps is dieting’s new best friend. But don’t panic. There are simple ways to create a boost without even breaking a sweat- even while we are sleeping !  Here are four ideas to consider for the f increasing our metabolism and losing weight:

Metabolism Supporting Foods

The Vitamins That Matter & How to Get Them

Embrace the Fish! I know we’ve all heard about those good omega-3 fatty acids. But did you know that fish is one of our best sources of  vitamin-D? Vit-D strengthens muscle tissue and gives us energy. Coupled with fish oil, this  makes fish look like a pretty good fuel alternative! The other nice thing is it’s more filling, or, at least, fools the brain into thinking that it is. So while taking fish oil supplements is still effective, the added benefits  of consuming it naturally are far higher. Whether salmon or sardines, 3 to 4 oz of fish hold all the healthy fat-burning enzymes we need.

Reignite Your Metabolism by Dr. Oz

Women need their Iron, especially during that time of the month. The iron we lose when menstruating plummets our energy and slows our metabolism. We need iron to get oxygen to  muscles and keep us going. Besides supplements, dark leafy greens are a great source of iron and nearly devoid of calories. Include them in your salads and meals regularly.

Don’t forget the dairy! Calcium is necessary on so many levels, not the least of which is speeding up how fast our body gets rid of fat. The trick is to skip the calcium supplements and drink some milk- 8 oz, preferably, or include yogurt in your smoothie.

Spice it up a little! There’s an interesting thing in chili peppers.They contain something called Capsaicin which heats up the body and revs the metabolic engine. Adding a little to homemade salsa or sprinkled on spaghetti can go along way.

Juices for detoxing

What to Drink & What Not to Drink- That is the Million-Dollar Question

Caffeine is still our friend! Yes, it’s true, researchers now believe caffeine can actually be a good thing! In fact, one such study found that caffeine can increase the metabolism by as much as 16%. So, keep the lattes coming – as long as their low fat!

The Green Tea of wonders. Green tea can increase weight loss by as much as 5%., so if a cup of coffee doesn’t sound enticing, try some green tea instead. It’s a pretty powerful substance. H2O: It’s time to take the plunge!

Staying hydrated is always a good idea, especially when dieting. But it seems ice water keeps the metabolism pumping even harder as it attempts to heat  the body. So throw in some ice cubes and stick to  water. Sobriety works!

Alcohol, sad to say, even in small amounts, slows or even stops the metabolism and instead of using fat as fuel, the body starts using alcohol instead. This is not healthy. Stay off the booze!

Organic Vegetables

When to Eat, What to Eat, How Much & How Often

The protein commitment. Protein builds lean muscles which is far more effective at burning calories than fat. Protein should be our constant companion at every meal.

Don’t forget the protein! Breakfast: why we call it the most important meal of the day. If we want to keep our metabolism up and running we have to keep it constantly fueled.

That means right from the get-go in the morning.This triggers the metabolism into action,  giving us the energy we need for burning fat.

Women after workout.

Exercise & Sleep & How They Can Work Together

Break it up a little. It turns out the faster the heart rate the more calories we burn. Who knew? Well, of course that’s a no-brainer! But, it turns out interval workouts are the best method for burning calories. Pepper those steady workouts with some interval training for the improved results.

Slow & steady wins the day! When doing a little strength training, try slowing it down a little. This breaks down muscle tissue, which is actually a good thing! As the body repairs itself, it bolsters the metabolism for up to 72-hours. So, guess what that means? You can actually burn calories in your sleep!

Don’t skip out on sleep! And speaking of sleep, we need at least 8-hours to keep our appetite and energy regulated. Less than 8 hours of shut-eye and our body can’t do that properly. Without enough energy and left feeling hungry does not bode well for losing weight! Get a good night’s sleep and keep those metabolic fires burning!

3 Important Things You Need to Know Before Trying a Detox Diet

The process of detoxing is one that has gained popularity among the health conscious crowd, especially in recent years.



Detoxing relies on a straightforward concept that focuses on flushing “toxins” from your body through a combination of special foods. Usually these foods (and only these foods) are ingested over the course of several days. The result? You’ll feel better and get rid of all the bad things hanging around in your gut, at least, in theory.

Detoxing Juices

Are detox programs and diets really what they’re cracked up to be? Turns out they may cause you more harm than good. Here’s three reasons why you may want to avoid them.

Your body doesn’t need help getting rid of toxins

When you start a detox program, you’ll hear all kinds of claims about the benefits. For one, a detox will get rid of all those “stored” up toxins you’ve been exposed to throughout your life. However, your body is a pretty efficient machine when it comes to getting rid of toxins. That’s what your digestive system, liver and kidneys are for. There is simply no better alternative for detoxing than your own body and digestive system. Your body is designed to handle toxins and get rid of them, so don’t think that a detox program is the perfect solution!

Detox programs can neglect healthy diet and lifestyle philosophies

A detox program doesn’t integrate healthy habits or views into the program. As a result, someone who participates in a detox may adopt habits that are not healthy in the long run. Detoxing can be harsh on your system too and that may have impacts to your health over time, especially if you rely on detoxing frequently. Most of the popular detox programs run a course of 7-10 days and involve ingesting only certain items like lemon and water. More extreme programs will integrate pepper or hot peppers. Now, imagine that for 10 straight days!

Detoxing also thrives on reducing or eliminating the intake of foods that are “toxic” so at its core, detox is about depriving yourself of nutrition. Even though this deprivation is short, it can impact how you approach your diet in the future. Studies have also shown that those who deprive themselves during a diet or lifestyle change are more prone to cheat or go back to their bad habits.

Detoxing doesn’t provide you with enough protein

Eating enough protein is essential for staying in shape. Lean proteins will not only help you lose weight, but help you build and keep muscle tone. Many detox programs use ingredients that are low in protein. Detox programs give you the illusion that you are living healthy or making a healthy choice, but they can be harmful to the way your body builds muscle. This goes back to the deprivation cycle mentioned above, with detox, you’re depriving your body of essential nutrients and forcing it into “starvation mode”. When your body thinks it’s starving, it will consume muscle and store fat. You’ll see weight loss, but this is due to the loss of muscle rather than the loss of fat. Try Conjugated Linoleic Acid  – this non-stimulant supplement is a great addition to any diet!

Whether or not you detox is ultimately your own decision, but be sure to know all the facts before jumping into a program. Eating in moderation, eating nutritious foods and exercising can deliver all the benefits of a detox without the harmful side effects, so you have options!