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What To Eat While On Fastin – Learn how to eat properly while taking Fastin diet pills

As you know there are many diets out there, so it’s hard to know where to start when you’re taking Fastin.



Fastin as an appetite suppressant will help you eat less but you still need to know what to eat. Fastin is not meant to work on its own but rather along with a low calorie diet and exercise. You’ll need to plan out your meals for a week at a time and stick to it. Make sure you keep a food diary as well so you have a record of everything you’re doing. You’ll be cutting back your daily calories by at least 500 Calories. That’s a place to start.

You know that you need to make healthy choices so you’re looking for foods that are high in lean protein, have fiber, healthy fats and are low in sugar. Some complex carbs are okay in small amounts. The first two weeks are the most difficult because you need to stay away from sugar as much as possible and you’re only allowed small amounts of complex carbs. After that point you can bring in more complex carbs and small amounts of sugar. You can continue to do this until you begin gaining weight, then you need to cut back on sugars to where you don’t gain weight. So essentially what we’re looking at is a low carb, high fiber, high protein diet.

What is crucial here is that you should not skip meals. You need to eat to lose weight, however you need to eat the right foods and in the proper proportion. When you skip meals, this sends your body into starvation mode. Now, your body is going to try to hold on to its weight for survival. So, always remember you need to eat to lose weight. Also remember that you need to drink a lot of water when taking Fastin. It is recommended that you take in 8-eight ounce glasses of water a day. This helps to keep you hydrated and ward off dry mouth.

Foods to Eat While on Fastin

The idea of a healthy diet while taking Fastin is to look for foods that are high quality. This means foods that have low energy density meaning fewer calories per gram (ounce). So consider veggies, whole grains, beans, lean chicken/pork/beef/fish and possibly low-fat dairy. Veggies, whole grains and beans provide water and fiber and help to control hunger and manage weight for the long-term not just when you’re taking Fastin. So, let’s look at some foods for you to consider.

  • Protein sources – protein is important for every cell in your body but certainly for skeletal muscle. The more lean muscle you have on your body, the higher your metabolism. You will be exercising while on Fastin as that is part of the weight-loss program. As you’re turning fat into lean muscle, you’ll need to make sure you are taking in high quality protein to build lean muscle. Good sources of protein and omega-3s are oily fishes such as salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies and mackerel. Also consider skinless chicken, 92 percent lean beef, lean pork and turkey. Eggs are also a good source of high quality protein and omega-3s if raised free-range. Don’t forget about nuts and tofu.
  • Fiber foods – fiber is actually not nutritional but rather is needed to maintain intestinal health by keeping the gut clear of debris. Fiber has another redeeming factor, especially when you’re dieting in that it makes you feel full. When you feel full, you are satisfied and will stop eating. Fastin suppresses your appetite making you crave food less therefore eating less while fiber makes you feel full which makes you stop eating. Good sources of fiber include beans, whole grains, veggies and brown rice.
  • Veggies and fruits – you can’t go wrong with veggies and fruits as they contain a lot of water, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. For the first two weeks of Fastin therapy, try to concentrate on mostly veggies because fruit contains a lot of sugar. You can have some fruit but only a few small slices in the beginning. So, concentrate on broccoli, squash (particularly zucchini and yellow neck), cauliflower, green beans, string beans, spinach, kale, cabbage and Brussel sprouts. To get the most benefit out of your veggies, steam them. Many of them are available in steam bags which you can pop into the microwave. Easy cook and no mess to clean up.

Fastin Vs. Phentermine – What’s The Difference

​Phentermine has been around a long time and is a well known and used prescription drug used to suppress appetite so that you eat less and lose weight.



It is used in conjunction with a reduced caloric intake and exercise program. It has been approved for short-term use in the treatment of obesity. Phentermine is a generic drug. Fastin was a prescription drug that contained the generic drug Phentermine. Due to severe side effects reported in the 1990s, Fastin was discontinued in 1998. Today there is a new Fastin sold over-the-counter (OTC) but this is a very different product and has nothing to do with the prescription form. It doesn’t contain Phentermine but rather Phenylethylamine, botanicals and a lot of caffeine and it is used as a weight loss supplement as well.

​The FDA approved Phentermine (a prescription appetite suppressant) back in 1959 so it’s been around a long time. This is obviously a controlled substance and thought to be mildly addictive. Given that it is related to amphetamines chemically and pharmacologically it has the potential to be abused. Generic Phentermine has been sold under several brand names such as Fastin (now discontinued), Ionamin and Adipex-P. However, most people take the generic form. Phentermine is an effective appetite suppressant, however it has a number of side effects. Some of those side effects include: dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, increased heart rate (tachycardia), high blood pressure and nervousness.

A very popular drug for weight-loss in the early 1990s was called Phen-fen. Phen-fen was a combination of Phentermine and Fenfluramine. As time went on, more and more side effects were reported with Phen-fen. In response to this, Fenfluramine was taken off the market. Some time later several of the brand name manufacturers discontinued their brand of Phentermine as well. Fastin was one of them. Fastin was discontinued in 1998. In this case, there is no difference between prescription Fastin and generic Phentermine other than the generic form is generally cheaper and that is why many people buy generics especially when they are the same thing as the branded product.

Interestingly, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Fastin OTC, was able to purchase the Fastin name and trademark from the former prescription manufacturer which happens to be Beecham. So, Hi-Tech began producing a line of dietary supplements. So far they have 3 Fastin products for over-the-counter. These dietary supplement contain alkaloids which may have similar side effects as the prescription Fastin which includes: increased heart rate (tachycardia) and increased blood pressure.

It is important for over-the-counter (OTC) medications as well as prescription drugs to undergo clinical trials to determine safety ad efficacy. It’s also important to enforce testing standards especially for purity. Prescription drugs have to go through clinical trials and must pass Phase III trials if they are to be sold on the market. Currently, dietary supplements don’t have to undergo clinical trials because they are considered food by the FDA. So, keep it in mind that unless a dietary supplement has been shown to cause harm, it can be sold with few restrictions.

How To Keep Fit In The Midwest With The Cold Coming

​With dozens of factors to be considered, it’s fairly easy to mess up, especially when dealing with such a windy and ever-changing climate like the one of the American Midwest.



And perhaps, the biggest problem here is the air humidity level (amount of water vapor in the air). The higher it is, the colder the weather is perceived. That’s because the water vapor takes a lot of heat from the environment (people included), thus cooling it down, and when that’s combined with a good blow of wind, things can get nasty. In fact, that’s the reason that keeps most of us in our homes during the cold seasons. A hard time for those folks that want to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay fit throughout the year.

​But nobody said it’s impossible, mind. With the right amount of enthusiasm and energy (and some valuable tips on the matter), it’s possible to stay active even during the coldest of days. With no further delay, let’s take a look at how to keep fit in the Midwest with the cold coming!

Embrace the weather: step outside.

​While it may be hard to persuade yourself to leave the warmness and comfort of your home and take part in outdoor activities, remember that this pays off. By spending enough time outside in the cold, you gradually get used to it and endure it better. Just remember to dress up appropriately. Another way of helping yourself to adapt to the cold is to go through cold shower sessions in the morning. A couple of minutes are enough for a start, with the water temperature just a little colder than the one you’re used to. If things go well, you can gradually lower the temperature from one day to another. This will help your body to endure low temperatures better.

Keep moving. Keep moving a lot.

​If you stay active, you stay warm, easy as that. It doesn’t matter if you do it at home or outdoors, ultimately, it’s the effort that counts. Find a workout program that catches your eye – and start exercising right away. Do it regularly and soon enough you’ll see that your body will become better at keeping itself warm, allowing you to stay fit even in the coldest seasons!

Appropriate clothes DO matter.

And they matter even more if you’re leading an active lifestyle. The Midwest climate is known for its humidity, winds and sudden changes in temperature. Be sure to check on the weather prior to stepping outside, and if you find it uncomfortable – don’t hesitate in coming back in to change clothes. Yes, even when you’re late for something. Yes, even when you’re VERY late. Of course, punctuality matters, but your health is even more important than that.

​Get enough sleep.

Have you ever noticed that we feel colder when we’re tired? That’s easily explained by the fact that we need energy to keep ourselves warm – and we get that energy from sleeping well, among other things. If the crazy rhythm of modern life sucks you in and deprives you from a healthy night sleep, chances are you’ll find yourself having a hard time dealing with autumn’s cold weather. That’s hardly worth it, really.

Eat enough – but eat healthy.

Have you ever noticed that we feel colder when we’re tired? That’s easily explained by the fact that we need energy to keep ourselves warm – and we get that energy from sleeping well, among other things. If the crazy rhythm of modern life sucks you in and deprives you from a healthy night sleep, chances are you’ll find yourself having a hard time dealing with autumn’s cold weather. That’s hardly worth it, really.

​Try out a good dietary supplement, if needed.

​Modern dietary supplements and diet drops are meant not only to help you lose excess weight, but also to boost your metabolism and immune system, making you more active, more fit and in a better mood. That is the case with the weight loss hcg drops, for example. If you feel like a moderate regime isn’t enough to make you feel healthy and active during the cold seasons, don’t hesitate to try out a weight loss drops with proven effect. Also, such products often have a good amount of vitamins and useful proteins. That’s a great choice to help you through the approaching cold.

​Join a gym.

For when the weather is just too hard to endure, it’s always good to have a backup plan, and a gym works just fine. Some people are not very fond of this idea and prefer running outdoors than on the treadmill but with the cold weather coming, you shouldn’t use that as an excuse, right? Even if you’re not the “gym type”, it won’t be hard to cope with it for just a couple of months.

Establish goals and milestones.

It’s easier to move when you know where you’re going. Take a moment to plan your time and concentrate on the things you want to achieve. Gain 4 pounds of muscle? Lose excess weight? Run longer, jump higher, lift more weights? It’s your choice, everything counts. Write your goals on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall (or any other place where you’ll see it often). Don’t forget about these goals. Keep on moving. Achieve success.

​Stay motivated and nourish your inspiration.

People are not very good in dealing with anything at all when they feel down, bored or dull. Find your perfect source of motivation to keep moving, and inspire yourself to move even faster. When we feel excited about the world around us, it tends to open up and surprise us with new opportunities and possibilities, even in the coldest of seasons.

To sum it up: have fun and stay active. Don’t let the cold weather spoil you days – just adapt to it and take the most out of this season. After all, there are lots of activities to try out even during fall.

Nutrition Facts

For example, many people that are into hiking affirm that there’s nothing like the mountains in autumn the majestic golden woods standing high above the world, the stone pikes reaching out for the skies. Some other folks enjoy the windy weather to fly kites. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!

It’s not hard to keep fit, even in regions with a climate that can be difficult to deal with – like the American Midwest, for example. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and have enough enthusiasm regarding your goals – even the coldest weather won’t keep you away from a healthy living.

Getting Serious About Weight Loss?

In this day and age, the thought of weight loss can be very daunting to any individual. Between a plethora of fad diets, recommendations for workout routines, weight loss supplements, and the like, we can become a bit overwhelmed when facing the desire to shed those extra pounds. Here are a few suggestions from to really get serious and see the results that you want!



Begin with manageable lifestyle changes. It can be too overwhelming to completely change your many aspects of your life including diet and exercise. Start with smaller and more manageable lifestyle changes.

Start using honey instead of sugar in your coffee and tea. Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Add something healthy to your dinner while making your dessert smaller. Find recipes for quick and easy meals that are also healthy to replace those times when you normally get takeout or fast food. These small and less daunting changes will seem easy and then you can continue to make small changes until a big change has been made over time. This way, your results will also get better and better with time, being extra rewarding.

Find healthier alternatives to your usual “snack” items. This is where many of us fail in our weight loss ventures. We continue to shop in the aisles of the grocery store that have snack items that are high in sugar and salt, which can be a huge downfall for any diet. There are so many healthy options for snacking these days, and we can find a plethora of information on the internet about how to get our snacking habits to a much healthier place.

Never skip the most important meal of the day. Having a substantial breakfast can keep hunger levels and the need for energy down later in the day. And we have all heard about how eating late in the day and late at night can be a roadblock to success in weight loss. There are so many healthy cereals that are also delicious and easy to prepare.

Start small with workout routines. Many people dig in to a far too advanced and/or frequent workout schedule when starting a diet or weight loss program. This can be far too overwhelming and cause a person to want to give up far sooner than they should. You can literally start with five minute workouts. Once you see how easy this is and how much better it makes you feel from the physical to the mental to the emotional, you will have more motivation to work out, and you will naturally want to increase the time and intensity of your workouts after you begin to see those first results. Even a loss of one pound is a step in the right direction and can and should be celebrated. So, start off small and let the small accomplishments feel big. This will keep your motivation levels up, and small increases over time to ten minutes, then twenty and so on will be even more rewarding and easy to achieve. Before you know it, you may just be someone who works out for an hour a day!

Most importantly, try to have fun with your weight loss program. Don’t make it a drudge or a miserable responsibility. Find healthy foods that you know you enjoy. Add music and friends to your workouts. Get out into public spaces and parks and meet other people with the same goals. Join a sports team or just an interest group that shares in your passions. Talk with your doctor about any supplements that may help you individually, and take the time to research these supplements. It can be, not only, fun to learn about new alternative methods, but can also be a good way to add small things to your routine to get your mind geared towards your goals.No matter what you do, the most important thing is to never lose hope. As mentioned above, every pound lost is a step in the right direction. You may even experience unexpected gains, but do not lose hope. Let it be a little more motivation to try a little bit harder. You can do it!

10 Minute Cardio Workout

If you want to incorporate cardio into your daily life but find yourself crunched for time, you can follow this super effective routine and be done in just 10 minutes a day!



Always remember while on your journey to health and fitness, some exercising everyday is better than none at all. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, there are ways to keep your blood flowing, energy levels high and your heart healthy.

Warm Up Stretches

Yoga on the Beach

Warm Up Stretches

​Warming up before starting any type of workout routine is of major importance for two reasons. In a typical warm-up session, you will be stretching and flexing your muscles. This will open up the ability for your body to move easily and freely, making your exercises more effective. Secondly, this helps prevent more of a chance of injuring yourself. If your muscles are tight while exercising, you run the risk of tears and even more drastic injuries. Never bypass stretching/warming up before starting an exercise routine, even if it is just 10 minutes per day.

Easy Ways To Warm-Up Before Your 10 Minute Cardio Workout​

Dance Workout

Easy 10 minutes cardio workout every day to stay healthy and motivated!

10 Minute Cardio Workout Exercises

Arm Wheels – Pretend that your arms are wheels on a car for 30 seconds. Stand up straight with your arms extended out. Draw big circles on the imaginary walls that you are standing in between.

Big Band March – With your knees coming up high, march in place for another 30 seconds.

Work Those Calves – Standing with your feet shoulder length apart, bring one knee up at a time and hold in place for 5 seconds.

Slowly bring your leg back down to the floor straight. Continue to alternate between both legs until you have done 10 in total (5 per leg).
Imaginary Seating – Standing with your feet shoulder length apart, squat down as if you are having a seat. Each time you “sit,” hold for a few seconds and slowly rise. Do this 10 times and lead with your hips each time you stand.

Jog In Place – For 30 seconds, jog in place.

  1. March in place similarly like you did in your warm up exercises for 30 seconds.
  2. Do your sitting exercise but this time extend your arms out in front of you as you are lowering yourself to “sit” – Be sure that your arms are parallel with the floor. Each time you raise up, bring your arms back down to your side.
  3. Jumping Jacks – Do 30 jumping jacks extending your arms over your head each time.
  4. Kung-Fu Kicks – Step slightly to the side and kick straight ahead and outward. Kick high and keep your stomach tight. You can alternate between kicks or do 10 reps on each leg at a time.
  5. Sidestepping – Jump or step side to side while keeping your stomach tight for 30 seconds
  6. Stand up straight with legs slightly apart. Bend down and cross over and touch your toes on your opposite foot. Ideally, keep your knees straight and alternate. Touch each set of toes 10 times.
Treadmill Running

Daily cardio workout