How Much Does One Night Of Pigging Out Really Affect Your Body?

When a scoop of ice cream turns into a pint, or a slice of pizza turns into four, we’ve probably all asked ourselves, ‘What have I done?’ And, often, we feel pretty dang guilty.

But does the once-in-a-blue-moon pig-out really affect more than our conscience?

Breathe easy – you can’t actually gain weight from just one double cheeseburger, nacho fries, and a chocolate milkshake kind of meal. So nix the guilt, enjoy your indulgence, and resume a healthy diet the next morning, says Kelly R. Jones M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., L.D.N. “With 3,500 calories in a pound, it would take a very unhealthy binge to gain real weight in one sitting,” she says.

But, still, that doesn’t mean a night of junk doesn’t affect your body in other ways.

What Qualifies As A Pig-Out?

You’re probably wondering exactly how many calories it takes before a treat turns into an all-out nosh fest. We all have individual calorie requirements, but it’s safe to say that eating 1,000 calories in one sitting qualifies as a pig out, says Maggie Moon, M.S., R.D.N., author of The MIND Diet.

And it’s easier to get there than you might think. A big drive-thru burger with a medium fries and soda comes in close to 1,100 calories, while even salads at some chain restaurants break that 1,000-calorie mark, says Moon. Yep, we’ve definitely done it more than a handful of times.

Why You Feel So Crappy After A Pig Out

Immediately post pig-out, you’ll probably deal with an array of digestive issues. (Let’s be real: You might start feeling crummy even before you put your fork down.) Big meals slow your digestion, so your food spends extra time processing in your system, and often makes you gassy, Moon says.

And then there’s the heartburn. “The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid to begin the digestive process and to kill as much bacteria as it can before the food moves on through the digestive system,” Jones says. The more food you eat the more acid you produce, and some of that extra acid can find its way back up the esophagus and cause discomfort, she says.

As your body calls all-hands-on-deck to digest your junk, it sends more blood to your GI tract, which means less blood is available to transport oxygen and nutrients to other parts of your body, Moon says. This can leave you feeling sluggish and maybe even light-headed, she says.

And, beyond the stomach upset, an all-out eat fest will spike your blood sugar, especially if your food was high in carbs or sugar, giving you a quick energy boost. When your blood sugar rises like this, you release the hormone insulin, which ensures the nutrients you’ve consumed are taken up by our cells to be used, Moon says. But when you overeat, you release too much insulin, which signals to your body that you don’t need all of the energy as fuel and so you store some as fat. And as quickly as that blood sugar rises, it crashes, making you feel like a sloth.

This barrage of discomfort often leads to a crummy night of sleep, especially if you have acid reflux. “Lying down after eating a big meal can really exacerbate your discomfort,” she says. And the aftermath of that poor sleep can throw off your entire next day.

All the insulin that your pancreas churned out the night before can actually set off hunger cues and eventually make you feel even hungrier than you were before. “This can obviously lead to overeating,” Moon explains. And when your blood sugar dips too low after spiking, you may experiences headaches, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and brain fog, because your body needs glucose (a.k.a. sugar) to fuel itself, she says.

Finally, while that one trip through the drive-thru won’t make you actually gain a pound of fat, it will lead a couple pounds of bloating and water retention, says Moon. So when you step on the scale the next morning and notice it ticks upwards, it’s because your body is holding onto water after taking in excess fats, salt, and sugar. Basically, when there’s too much sodium in your system, for example, your body retains water to dilute its concentration, she says.

What Are The Long-Term Effects?

An occasional Saturday night pizza run with friends won’t do much damage, but if pig-outs become a habit, you may be in for some pretty gnarly side effects.

Like, yes, stretching your stomach. “The average stomach is about the size of a fist and can hold less than a cup when empty, but it can expand about five times that size to hold more than four cups of food and drink,” says Moon. YIKES. Pigging out too often and stretching out your stomach can actually disrupt your hunger and stopping-point cues, which can lead to a cycle of overeating, she says.

Plus, when you chronically spike your blood sugar levels, you promote fat storage, says Jones. This weight gain may increases your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, Moon adds. Basically, when you put too much demand on your pancreas to churn out insulin over and over again, it struggles, leading to higher blood sugar a condition known as insulin resistance, she explains.

Going too hard on the junk food too often can also change the bacteria in the gut, which can lead to worsened digestion over time, Moon explains. Whole foods especially plant foods that contain fiber are the ideal food for the good bacteria in your gut, she says. That pint of ice cream or cheese-steak? Not so much.

Perhaps most scarily, eating super large meals at night can increase your risk of obesity and heart disease, says Moon. (Sad but true: A recent review published in Nutrients supports backs this up.)

Get Back To Business

When your eat fest is over, the best thing you can do is move on. Moon recommends doing 15 minutes of light exercise, whether it’s a walk or light housework, and sipping on water, which can move digestion along after you’ve let your belly settle enough to get moving.

Also, stay away from booze, which can further delay digestion and make you hungrier, she adds. Spend the next few days loading up on high-fiber foods (like fruits and vegetables) and water to nourish your body, keep your digestive tract chugging along, and flush out your system, Moon says. As long as you get your healthy eating back on track, any water weight you gained after noshing should disappear, says Jones.

Keep in mind that while some people might recover in 24 hours, others might need up to three days to get rid of the sugar, salt, and carb bloat, says Jones. Sticking to clean eats and being mindful of your body and how it responds will help you bounce back from your pig-out and keep you from going overboard in the future.

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FenApex/PhenApex Product Review

FenApex is a weight loss supplement that is also sold under the brand name PhenApex. While it’s marketed as “the number one alternative to Phentermine, it is important to remember that this is not a prescription weight loss product. Does this weight loss supplement live up to its claims? We investigate in this in-depth review.


FenApex and PhenApex are a dietary supplement intended to help you lose weight. According to the official website, this is accomplished through a proprietary formula that helps to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

Who Makes PhenApex?

Researching FenApex proved to be problematic right from the start. The product is marketed under two different names: FenApex and PhenApex. In addition, different websites list the manufacturer under two different names: GS Labs and Sutra Health, with bottles being sold with either name on the label. It seems that the company was originally registered as GS Labs, but changed their name after several complaints were lodged with the Better Business Bureau regarding their product Phentarmine (an intentional misspelling of the prescription weight loss drug Phentermine). The manufacturer is based in Utah, and they do state that their products are made in a FDA certified facility which uses Good Manufacturing Practices.

How to Take PhenApex

Dosage instructions are not provided on the product’s official website. However, the product is sold in bottles of either 60 tablets or capsules. We assume this means that the product should be taken twice per day.


FenApex PhenApex

We have a lot of concerns when it comes to the FenApex/PhenApex product. The fact that the same product is being sold under two different names and with two different manufacturer company names suggests there is something to hide here. The company obviously made a bad decision regarding the spelling and marketing of their Phentarmine product, but it doesn’t appear they have learned their lesson. For example, they are still marketing PhenApex as “the number one Phentermine alternative,” but they neglect to specify that this is not a prescription-strength product.

Our second concern is the fact that the company does not list the ingredients of the product anywhere on their website. This makes it impossible for potential customers to check to see whether there is anything they’re allergic to, or whether they’ll have any prescription drug interactions with this product. While we were able to eventually find an ingredient list for this product, this information should be readily available to the consumer.

Third, it appears that there is a misleading guarantee badge on the product website. It clearly states that there is a 60-day money back guarantee on the badge. However, we were unable to find any information regarding a return policy on the product website. Furthermore, in the “terms of service” section of the product website, we found the following statement:

“You acknowledge that no guarantees have been made to you as to the results as there is no known product that gives 100% satisfaction to everyone, nor are there any guarantees against unfavorable results, risks or complications.”

This is extremely concerning. One area shows a money back guarantee, while another states there are no guarantees. While there is a phone number and email address listed for contacting the company on the website, we could find no return policy statement.

Finally – we could find no customer reviews for this product. The product website states that testimonials were paid for – which means there are no unbiased reviews available on the website. The product is not sold through Amazon, and while we could find FenApex for sale on eBay, we could find no reviews.


It took some digging to find an ingredient list for PhenApex. Eventually we did find a list through another reviewer. We have no way of knowing if this is the current formula for FenApex/PhenApex.

L Phenylalanine – this is an amino acid that is known to be a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. As such, it is believed to help elevate mood, improve focus, and boost energy levels when taken correctly. However, it isn’t without unpleasant side effects. Some people may experience headaches, nausea, and hearburn when supplementing with phenylalanine. In addition, anyone who is taking antidepressants known as monoamine oxidase inhibitors or antipsychotic medications should not take supplements containing this ingredient.

Synephrine HCL – this is a powerful stimulant also knowns as “bitter orange.” It is used as a replacement for ephedrine in many dietary supplements, as it provides similar effects with less potency. However, like ephedrine, there are several negative side effects associated with this ingredient, such as headaches, increased/racing heartbeat, nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia.

L Carnitine – this is an amino acid that helps your body burn fat. It may also help your body regulate blood sugar levels more effectively. While usually safe when taken in small amounts, this ingredient can have a few unpleasant side effects, including nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Taurine – taurine is an amino acid that is found in many energy drinks. It is believed to help improve cardiovascular function, giving your metabolism a boost. It may also help to boost your energy levels. While taurine is generally considered to be safe, some users may experience side effects such as diarrhea and upset stomach with this ingredient.

7 Keto (DHEA) – this ingredient is believed to help improve the body’s metabolism, increase thyroid activity, and improve muscle mass. This ingredient comes with a number of very unpleasant side effects, including sweating, headaches, fatigue, and irregular or fast heartbeat.


It is impossible to name any positives when there is so little information provided about the product from the manufacturer.


This product has several negatives, but the biggest is the lack of information available about the product. Any time a manufacturer refuses to provide an ingredient list for the product before purchase, it makes us nervous.

Customer Reviews

The only reviews that we could find for FenApex or PhenApex were the paid testimonials provided on the product’s official website. We do not consider these to be reliable sources of unbiased information.



Everything about this product sets off warning bells. It’s marketed under multiple name spellings and with multiple manufacturer names, which is misleading. There is no clear return policy outlined on the website, in spite of a badge stating there is a 60-day money back guarantee. There is no ingredient list provided before purchase. The testimonials available on the product website are paid for. All of these factors combine to make us very leery of trying or recommending this product.

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  • - Phentermine - Side Effects, Dosage, Uses, and More.
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