Researchers Found A New Belly Fat Fighter with Almonds!

Almonds are one of the more beneficial food sources out there for improving our health and fitness level and its medicinal properties have been known about for a long time.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Researchers Found A New Belly Fat Fighter with Almonds!

The nutrient and antioxidant-rich almond is also high in fiber, protein.and monounsaturated fats, among other healthy ingredients. This means this little nut can reduce the risks of developing many illnesses and conditions such as heart disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes, among others.

almonds_orig Researchers Found A New Belly Fat Fighter with Almonds!
Try eating more almonds for weight loss.

Almonds also help in lowering blood pressure and glucose levels, improving insulin production, strengthening bones and teeth, and restoring the health and complexion of our skin. Reducing the risk of developing  pregnancy-related birth defects and improving weight loss results are also included in almond’s long list of  healthy attributes.The wonders in almonds never seem to cease!

almonds-during-pregnancy_orig Researchers Found A New Belly Fat Fighter with Almonds!
Pregnant woman eating almonds

Now there’s new research that reveals there’s even more to almonds than we original imagined.  Researchers uncovered one more additional perk to the magic of almonds- the ability to remove belly fat! In a recent Journal of Nutrition publication a new research study found strong evidence linking weight loss, especially in the stomach region, with almond consumption. In the study, 86 overweight research subjects were given a 12-week calorie-restrictive diet to follow. One group of subjects included a daily ¼ cup serving, or 35 grams of dry roasted almonds, lightly salted in their daily diet. The other test group followed a diet without any nuts included.The remarkable results has caused quite a stir! The group whose diet included the daily almond serving lost over  one percent of their stomach fat while the group without any nuts in their diet lost less than half a percent. In other words, almost nothing, despite following the same restrictive low calorie diet plan the other test group did, minus the all-important almonds.

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This may have a lot to do with the high monounsaturated fat content in almonds, researchers say. Sister to the omega-3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, commonly referred to as the “good” fats contained in some foods, the monounsaturated healthy fats fill you up longer, reducing feelings of hunger. And they’re harder for the body to absorb, which means the caloric intake from almonds is reduced by 10 to 15%. Almonds also help boost the metabolism, improving how much and how fast the body can burn fat. The high fiber content found in almonds contributes to weight loss as well by regulating digestion and keeping things running smoothly and unobstructed. This allows the body to eliminate toxins more frequently.

healthy-family-eating-habits-from-eat-this-not-that_orig Researchers Found A New Belly Fat Fighter with Almonds!
Health family sitting together eating dinner

Though the specific reason almonds seem so adept at eliminating tummy fat is still unclear, the evidence of their effectiveness in this area isn’t. What’s more, with so many other health benefits in almonds, we  should all be eating a healthy daily dose, regardless of whether we need to lose weight or not. There’s no telling what else there is  yet to discover about almonds and how the elements contained within little oval nut work their magic. What’s already been uncovered may only be the tip of the iceberg. Can’t wait to see what scientists discover next!

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