Blake Lively Shares Her Weight Loss & Fitness Goals for 2017 After Baby #2!

Getting back down to size after childbirth is a  struggle most  mothers can relate to, especially after baby #2. But for A-list celebrities the pressure can be overwhelming, especially if they’re under the gun with a new movie starting.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Blake Lively Shares Her Weight Loss & Fitness Goals for 2017 After Baby #2!

Celebrity moms often fall under far more scrutiny post baby than most moms expect to encounter which is hard not to take personally. In Hollywood, image is everything, as they say, visually and otherwise, and there’s always someone younger and  more fit right around the corner ready to take your  place. Blake Lively has shared some of her own experiences with the public during both pregnancies,  and what it’s like facing the same struggles other moms do while under the harsh Hollywood spotlight.

After the birth of her first daughter, Blake worked hard getting back to fighting shape within 8 months of giving birth in preparation for a bikini scene as leading lady Nancy Adams in  the 2016 film  The Shallows. After following a soy and gluten-free diet to achieve her quick success, Blake shared her struggles with dieting restrictions  on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O show. She described to the talk show co hosts and viewers how surprisingly difficult it was finding foods that didn’t contain either gluten or soy.  This unexpected setback didn’t seem to get in the way of her weight loss results, however. Lively received high praise for creating her toned and fit  post baby bikini body in time for the movie.

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hd-blake-lively-wallpapers-34_orig Blake Lively Shares Her Weight Loss & Fitness Goals for 2017 After Baby #2!

Rigorous workouts and a home delivered meal system

This time around, Blake Lively is relying on a combination of rigorous workouts and a home delivered meal system to regain her pre-baby weight. Gearing up for the new year, Blake shared an  Instagram post with fans about her 2017 new year’s resolution to get down to her pre-pregnancy size and wear her favorite jeans again, a promise she vowed in her posting along with a picture shutout for Epicured, the home delivered meal plan she started.  Just two months after giving birth, Blake assured fans this was not a sales plug, but a recognition of  her commitment to herself to get back to a healthy food and fitness level.

Blake has also made her workout progress with personal trainer Don Saladino a focus of recent Instagrams. Saldano’s training program  pulls no punches and has Blake doing 30 to 75-minute alternating workouts 5 to 6 times a week, according to Saldan. He explained his approach of rotating rigorous upper and lower body, catch, throw,  and carry intensive training sessions with alternating daily workouts. This approach is designed to increase the heart and metabolic rate in order to burn more calories while also building overall strength and muscle tone, he explained in a recent interview. From the looks of follow-up instagram posts, this plan seems to be working!

640-blake-lively-august2014_orig Blake Lively Shares Her Weight Loss & Fitness Goals for 2017 After Baby #2!

Unflattering pics

On the struggles celebrity moms face being in the limelight, Blake Lively offered  some recent insight into what she thinks about unflattering pics of famous moms after pregnancy and their more critical responses.In Lively’s view, pregnant women have a different kind of beauty to them than the standard Hollywood typically promotes and should be appreciated for its natural wonder. She wishes she were braver in embracing that natural radiance and beauty herself.

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We second Blake Lively’s sentiments, whose own striking beauty resonates whether she’s a glowing 8-months pregnant, post-baby or back to her old  pre baby size, as I’m sure husband Ryan Reynolds would agree. Wishing her good luck on her journey, we look forward to future updates on her progress fitting back into those jeans!

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