Three Visualizations To Get You Through Physical Challenges

​Are you having difficulty achieving physical challenges or perhaps mental as well? There is a way to get around any obstacles you may have.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Three Visualizations To Get You Through Physical Challenges

The way is through visualization training. Visualization training can be done in the morning or before you go to bed. This type of training is not easy and requires repeated application to master it. You need to be patient and stick with it.

challenges Three Visualizations To Get You Through Physical Challenges
How to deal with challenges

Physical Challenges

There is a science behind this in that training of this type tends to rewrite the brain. Research has shown that the reticular activating system is turned on when performing mental imagery which draws attention to what ever you want. This helps you to better achieve your goals because you’re already primed for the event. Your motivation is increased allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

​Visualization training is probably far different from anything you have done before. It’s not like working out or memorizing something like homework. These things are measurable but visualization is not. What it is going to do is create small changes in energy states in the brain to boost certain connectivity patterns that have been activated during the task you want to do. Your priming the brain for success.

visualization Three Visualizations To Get You Through Physical Challenges
How to visualize


Three Visualizations For Success

Take a walk about in the mind’s eye – With you eyes closed try to imagine walking down a dirt path in the woods. You see a clearing ahead and walk towards it. It opens up into a long lost ruin riddled with artifacts and wild growth. While you are in the ruin try to imagine yourself doing something important (what ever you like) where you were trying to accomplish a great goal. You should be able to see yourself as if in a home movie. Concentrate on this and try different options, take different paths and see what you can come up with.

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Create a calm, protected space – Close your eyes again and imagine you’re by a bubbling stream out in nature. The bubbling water represents a busy state in your mind. Take time to drink in the breeze, sky and any animals present and bring all this into a harmonious state. As you walk along the stream, you come to a serene pool.

As you take a swim in the pool you feel relaxed, trouble free and protected. You are safe and secure. You are rejuvenated, calm and in control.

Create future projections – Close your eyes once again and see into your mind’s eye. Try to picture yourself achieving some major life goal, whatever it is you want to accomplish in the near future. Concentrate on this. See yourself performing the task over and over again and keep trying to perfect it.

​Make small changes and see what happens. This works for everything, motor movements, thinking processes, speech and the list goes on. ​

motivation Three Visualizations To Get You Through Physical Challenges
Motivate yourself

Motivation – Yes, you can

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