Why Fastin is a Supplement and no longer Phentermine pill?

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​Back in the early 1990s, there was a drug known as Phen-fen. Phen-fen is a combination of Phentermine and Fenfluramine. Many doctors prescribed this medication for weight loss and it was all the rage.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Why Fastin is a Supplement and no longer Phentermine pill?

Then, a number of serious side effects were reported so the drug Fenfluramine was removed from the market. Several of the brand name manufacturers stopped making brand name phentermine as well including the manufacturer of Fastin (one brand name of the generic Phentermine). The manufacturer of Fastin was Beecham and they discontinued it in 1998. At this time, Ionamin, Adipex-P and generic Phentermine are still available. There is a new Fastin in supplement form that doesn’t require a prescription. It contains Phenylethylamine, botanicals and caffeine. This Fastin OTC is made and sold by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Fastin Side Effects

​There are a number of serious side effects with Phentermine ranging from permanent heart damage to changes in behavior (rage). There is also a problem with dependency and tolerance. Drug tolerance can develop within a few weeks. One might think that if you became tolerant to a drug, then you should just take more. Not so! The recommended dose should not be exceeded in attempt to make Phentermine work better. Essentially, the drug should be discontinued. Tolerance may actually be due to a depletion of neurotransmitters.

​It’s difficult to know how Phentermine will affect an individual but it has been observed that it can effect a patient’s ability to perform certain activities such as operating machinery or driving. You need to be careful when you take it for the first time and wait and see what it does to you.

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​Since Phentermine is chemically and pharmacologically related to amphetamines, drug dependency may occur. Amphetamines and other related drugs are often abused which can happen with Phentermine. This should be kept in mind when determining whether you are a suitable candidate for a drug weight-loss program.

Drug abuse may be associated with psychological dependence and social dysfunction. It has been reported that some patients have increased their dosage to many times that recommended. Sudden cessation of high doses of Phentermine have resulted in extreme fatigue, severe depression and abnormal sleep patterns.

Phentermine is not safe to use while pregnant or breast feeding. The FDA lists Phentermine as a Pregnancy Category X meaning that it can cause birth defects. If you become pregnant while on Phentermine, discontinue use and see your doctor right way. You should also know that Phentermine should not be used in children under the age of 12.

If you are a person with hypertension (high blood pressure), it isn’t a good idea for you to take this drug as it can generate high blood pressure. Also know that if you are diabetic and take insulin, taking Phentermine and your particular diet will alter your insulin requirements. ​

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