What Healthy Foodies Actually Drink All Day

When you’re trying to make healthy changes in your life, the single most important step can be upgrading your diet.



Making the choice to eat right and drink plenty of fluids is critical to your success. Drinking water is probably one of the most important things you can do to stay in shape and maintain your health, but water isn’t for everyone. In fact, it can be a little lack luster if you used to something sweeter, like soda.

If you’re trying to up your hydration game, here’s some fantastic drinks to keep you hydrated (and interested).

Delicious Alternatives to Plain Water

Let’s keep things simple and start with the obvious – infused water. The great thing about water infusion is that you control the flavor and there’s a wide variety of options. You can use ingredients like cucumber, pineapple, strawberry, mint and so much more. You’re only limited by your imagination. Infused waters are an excellent way to encourage hydration too.

The same goes for sparkling waters too. If you have one of those counter top soda machines you can make your own sparkling water with whatever flavor you like. Definitely a convenient way to up your hydration game.

Tea can be a good option too, in moderation, especially if you opt for herbal tea. You can even get blends without caffeine for later in the day. Tea contains a lot of antioxidants too so you’re getting the added benefit and a boost of immunity.

Ways to Make Hydration a Habit

Of course, nothing beats water when it comes to hydration so no matter what way you choose to have it – infused, with a twist of lime or lemon – there are ways you can encourage the habit.

Carry a water bottle with you at all times. If you have a container where you can easily fill up at a cooler or water fountain, it is that much easier to stay hydrated. Some drinking fountains even have a space for water bottles nowadays, how cool is that! Carrying your own bottle also helps reduce waste and is a more sustainable option so you’re doing your part for the environment too.

If plain water is a little too plain for you, add a squeeze of lime, lemon or grapefruit juice. You can even add a splash of kombucha if you want. Just a small amount goes a long way.

If you need a reminder to drink a glass of water, try setting your phone or downloading an app for a reminder. Your smartphone can be an easy and useful tool for staying hydrated.

The options are almost unlimited when it comes to adding water to your daily routine. The key is sticking with it. Like any change it may take awhile before it really sets in, but before you know it you’ll have a hydration habit that is unbeatable.

Drinking water will help you lose weight, feel full during meals and keep you healthy. It is no wonder that staying hydrated is one of the first thing suggested by the major diet plans out there. It works!

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(Last Updated On: 29th June 2022)