Having Issues With Weight Loss?

Many people have tried Phentermine, dieting and/or exercising to lose weight and have had little to no results and wonder why.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Having Issues With Weight Loss?

With all the weight loss programs available, it can be difficult to know which ones to try. Actually, many of the weight loss programs can work for many people. What I’m getting at is that there is more to the actual programs than the programs themselves and that has to do with your behavior and how you attempt to diet and exercise overall. So let’s take a look at your underlying thinking about your weight loose (your attitude) and how this can cause you to fail even when the weight loss program should work. Let’s try to end failure for all of time.

having-problem Having Issues With Weight Loss?

Having problems losing weight

Change your Behavior for Success

Goals – How many times have you set unrealistic goals? Quite often people set up long term goals and then become overwhelmed trying to achieve the bigger picture of things. I had an experience when I was seven years old. My dad asked me to sweep the drive way and of course it was Saturday and I wanted to play with my friends. This was just unfair. This was the biggest drive way you have ever seen. I mean it must have been miles long and wide too. So, I said that will take me all day long. So, he said “I’ll be right back”. He went into the house and got a piece of chalk. Then, he divided the drive way into 6 areas all approximately equal to each other. Then, he said, “I want you to sweep the first section and see how long it takes and write it down. Rest a few minutes. Do the next section, rest and then the third section. When you get that done we will take a really big break and have some pop corn and homemade lemonade. Then you can do the other three the way you did the first three. Looking back at my notes, I saw that it took 10 minutes per section for a total of 60 minutes. That wasn’t bad at all. This brought my thinking away from the entire drive way into manageable parts.

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​I learned a lot that day. I got to play with my friends early that afternoon plus I had a wonderful treat. Take home message, establish short term goals but of course they have to be based on your long term goal (bigger picture of things). This is important and it really, really works.

Your Emotions and Food – Nothing wrong with eating but if you’re using eating as a mechanism for coping when you’re stressed, this will destroy your goals quickly. When this happens, talk to yourself and ask yourself what are you doing. Take a small amount of ice cream or whatever it is that you like and talk yourself out of the rest. Break the cycle of this behavior. You can do it!

Be Kind to Yourself – If you don’t like yourself, it is easy to violate diet and exercise. Think positive things about yourself and this will help to achieve your goals because you are worth it.

Nutrition – Either you eat junk food or your starving yourself which throws your body and brain into a state of confusion. Be kind to your body and brain by getting the proper nutrients it needs. This in turn will make it easier for you to stick to your goals because your body is functioning properly. You will feel energized and clear thinking which helps you to maintain control.

Quick Fixes – We all get hung up on quick fixes. How many times have you seen TV exercises that take 10 minutes and this is all you need three times a week. There is really no quick fix. You need long range goals for weight loss and weight management. There’s no way around it. Just make sure you break down your long range goals into smaller manageable components to ensure success. Medical Conditions – If it seems that you are doing the right thing and still no results, you may an underlying medical issue. Sometimes these are hormonal imbalances not caused by you. You need to go to the doctor and be tested for this. Once this is known, your doctor might be able to help you with that.

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