How To Avoid Having Loose Skin Before and After Weight Loss

​Are you very overweight and thinking about losing it? Perhaps you need to lose 100 or more pounds and are concerned about the loose skin that will be left behind.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN How To Avoid Having Loose Skin Before and After Weight Loss

Not to worry! There are precautions you can take before you begin your diet an exercise program (preventive) and there are steps you can take after you have lost the weight. These helpful tips should keep your skin from sagging badly.

Before and After Tips to Maintain Skin Tone

  • Your Age Counts – Let’s face it, as we age our skin loses tone due to collagen loss and other proteins. So, if you’re over weight and young, this is the best time to lose weight because your skin will naturally snap back. But if you didn’t do this or you gained weight later in life don’t fret over it. Now is the time you have to work with so go ahead with your weight loss program because your health it at risk and that is more important. There are things you can do after the fact with loose skin and I’ll address that in a little bit.
  • Weight loss and Weight Gain Cycles – How much loose skin you have depends on how many times you have lost and gained weight. Many of us are constantly on the diet roller coaster and this contributes to droopy skin at any age particularly if you have a lot of weight you’re trying to lose. Try to find a program that works for you early so you can avoid this cycle. You might try losing 5 pounds at a time and staying there for a while and then go down another 5 pounds and stay there. Get a handle on it.
  • Maintain Minimal Weight Gain – Remember, the more weight you gain causes your skin to stretch more. By keeping a minimal weight gain during dieting will minimize skin stretch. The weight you’ve had in the past can’t be changed but you can keep any current weight gain to a minimum while dieting. Make these choices early on and you shouldn’t have a problem with seriously loose skin.
  • Building Lean Muscle – If you think that strength exercises will tone sagging skin, this is generally not the case. Consider losing some weight first, then begin a strength program. Building muscle underneath the skin will help to take up sagging skin to some extent but it depends on how much sag you have. I’m sure you’ve seen some women who have a six-pack but the abdominal skin folds in ripples all the way down and many of these women are fairly young. To bulk up a little bit, you’ll need to work hard with some heavier weights to build larger muscles that will fill out your loose skin better if that’s what you want.
  • Medical Intervention – If you’ve had a lot of weight lose, whether your young or older, may require Phentermine diet pills treatment or a surgery. Some individuals have a large flap of skin hanging down over their lower abdomen. This is not going anywhere so if it bothers you, have it removed.
  • Don’t be Hard on Yourself – So you have some loose skin, that’s no reason to punish yourself. This certainly won’t get rid of sagging skin and it will just make you depressed. You’ll need to accept what has happened. From this point on you need to make better and caring decisions about your body that can carry you throughout time. Some loose skin is going to happen, but that’s no reason not to lose weight because ultimately it is about being healthy and not what you look like.
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