Have You Found True Love?

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That magical feeling you get when you are with that special someone can cause a euphoria on many levels, but is it love?


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Have You Found True Love?
true-love Have You Found True Love?

True love

Those magical moments may have your head in the clouds, but when the unicorns have flown away and the rainbows have disappeared is when you will be able to evaluate if what you have is real. Have you found this thing that is so hard to come by? Take a step back and look at the ingredients that create the recipe for this beautiful thing called true love to be sure.

respect Have You Found True Love?
respect others

Respect – Through it all, whether good or bad times, do you continue to show each other mutual respect?  Do you still admire the one you love even if you go through temporary negative changes?  Do you adapt to the circumstance and try to make the best of it?  Then you may have found true love.


trust Have You Found True Love?
trust others

Trust – Is there mutual trust? Are you confident enough to separate from your significant other? Can you go on about your daily life and not wonder if he/she is being true to you? Or do you have to wonder if someone else has caught their attention? If you don’t have a desire to invade their privacy because they give you no reasons to wonder, then you may have found true love.


caring-sharing Have You Found True Love?
caring sharing for one another

Caring is Sharing – Do you have a genuine wanting to give all that you have to give? Regardless of what you have to give, are you willing to share it with them without regret? Are you willing to sacrifice something if it will make their life easier, and they would do the same for you? Then you may have found true love.

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Caring and Sharing

communication Have You Found True Love?
communication with others

Communication – Can you say that you are mutually able to express yourself without restraints? Even if there is a disagreement between the two of you, are you comfortable enough to communicate to a resolution without holding back what you feel? Are you able to have uninhibited conversations without fear of rejection or conflict? Then you may have found true love.


spiritual-connection Have You Found True Love?
spiritual connection with one another

Spiritual Connection – Do you sometimes feel the emotions, the feelings and even the pain of your sweetheart without them even telling you? Are you able to finish their sentences or know what they are going to say before they have a chance to form their lips to say it? Then you may have found true love.

Spiritual Connection

unconditional-love Have You Found True Love?
unconditional love for one another

No Conditions – Do you love wholly and without conditions? Is the feeling of loving unconditionally mutual? Do you sometimes find yourself adapting to certain things thrown upon you in a relationship because you feel that they would do the same for you? Then you may have found true love.

Unconditional Love

completion Have You Found True Love?
completion with people

Completion – Do you feel as if without them, a piece of you is missing? Do you complete each other in ways that are hard to explain? Does it show in the form of Respect, Trust, Caring, Sharing, Communication, Your Connection and with No Conditions? Then you may have found true love.


​Never let it go, because you may not be able to find it again.

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