The 24/7 Metabolism: How to keep it running & Why

Ok, ladies, here’s the scoop: it all comes down to the metabolism. Whether we like it or not, we have to keep it going!


BUY-PHENOBESTIN The 24/7 Metabolism: How to keep it running & Why

So when it comes to weight loss, the metabolism that never sleeps is dieting’s new best friend. But don’t panic. There are simple ways to create a boost without even breaking a sweat- even while we are sleeping !  Here are four ideas to consider for the f increasing our metabolism and losing weight:

metabolism-run_orig The 24/7 Metabolism: How to keep it running & Why
These types of food will support metabolism

The Vitamins That Matter & How to Get Them

Embrace the Fish! I know we’ve all heard about those good omega-3 fatty acids. But did you know that fish is one of our best sources of  vitamin-D? Vit-D strengthens muscle tissue and gives us energy. Coupled with fish oil, this  makes fish look like a pretty good fuel alternative! The other nice thing is it’s more filling, or, at least, fools the brain into thinking that it is. So while taking fish oil supplements is still effective, the added benefits  of consuming it naturally are far higher. Whether salmon or sardines, 3 to 4 oz of fish hold all the healthy fat-burning enzymes we need.

Reignite Your Metabolism by Dr. Oz

Women need their Iron, especially during that time of the month. The iron we lose when menstruating plummets our energy and slows our metabolism. We need iron to get oxygen to  muscles and keep us going. Besides supplements, dark leafy greens are a great source of iron and nearly devoid of calories. Include them in your salads and meals regularly.

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Don’t forget the dairy! Calcium is necessary on so many levels, not the least of which is speeding up how fast our body gets rid of fat. The trick is to skip the calcium supplements and drink some milk- 8 oz, preferably, or include yogurt in your smoothie.

Spice it up a little! There’s an interesting thing in chili peppers.They contain something called Capsaicin which heats up the body and revs the metabolic engine. Adding a little to homemade salsa or sprinkled on spaghetti can go along way.

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Healthy and detoxing drinks

What to Drink & What Not to Drink- That is the Million-Dollar Question

Caffeine is still our friend! Yes, it’s true, researchers now believe caffeine can actually be a good thing! In fact, one such study found that caffeine can increase the metabolism by as much as 16%. So, keep the lattes coming – as long as their low fat!

The Green Tea of wonders. Green tea can increase weight loss by as much as 5%., so if a cup of coffee doesn’t sound enticing, try some green tea instead. It’s a pretty powerful substance. H2O: It’s time to take the plunge!

Staying hydrated is always a good idea, especially when dieting. But it seems ice water keeps the metabolism pumping even harder as it attempts to heat  the body. So throw in some ice cubes and stick to  water. Sobriety works!

Alcohol, sad to say, even in small amounts, slows or even stops the metabolism and instead of using fat as fuel, the body starts using alcohol instead. This is not healthy. Stay off the booze!

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natural-and-heatlhy-food_orig The 24/7 Metabolism: How to keep it running & Why
Eat vegetables for good health

When to Eat, What to Eat, How Much & How Often

The protein commitment. Protein builds lean muscles which is far more effective at burning calories than fat. Protein should be our constant companion at every meal.

Don’t forget the protein! Breakfast: why we call it the most important meal of the day. If we want to keep our metabolism up and running we have to keep it constantly fueled.

That means right from the get-go in the morning.This triggers the metabolism into action,  giving us the energy we need for burning fat.

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A group of women working out together.

Exercise & Sleep & How They Can Work Together

Break it up a little. It turns out the faster the heart rate the more calories we burn. Who knew? Well, of course that’s a no-brainer! But, it turns out interval workouts are the best method for burning calories. Pepper those steady workouts with some interval training for the improved results.

Slow & steady wins the day! When doing a little strength training, try slowing it down a little. This breaks down muscle tissue, which is actually a good thing! As the body repairs itself, it bolsters the metabolism for up to 72-hours. So, guess what that means? You can actually burn calories in your sleep!

Don’t skip out on sleep! And speaking of sleep, we need at least 8-hours to keep our appetite and energy regulated. Less than 8 hours of shut-eye and our body can’t do that properly. Without enough energy and left feeling hungry does not bode well for losing weight! Get a good night’s sleep and keep those metabolic fires burning!

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