Weight Loss Myths Explained

We are so obsessed with losing weight particularly women. There are a plethora of dieting materials from books to pills like Phentermine and more that are coming out on the market almost every day.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Weight Loss Myths Explained

Unfortunately, whether it be the lay or medical professionals, there are a number of myths and false science behind dieting. What I want to do is to take a look at a few of these myths and bring them out into the open and at the same time make suggestions on what you can do to be successful with weight loss.

How to Over Come Weight Loss Resistance

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Weight Loss Myths

Calories – In the past, the scientific literature has clearly stated that the calories you bring in should be less than the calories you take out. If it were only that simple, things would be great. Initially this may be true but somewhere along the line you will plateau and at that point you will begin increasing your weight. This is because your brain has set your weight and as soon as it sees that you are losing weight, it will think you are starving and begin to hold on to weight.

This is already preset. You need to also consider that calories from fat, carbs and protein are all different so it makes a difference in what and how much of each you take in. For example, 300 calories in cake (loaded with sugar) is not the same as 300 calories in celery because the calories come from different macronutrients and are used and stored in the body differently. Also consider that being overweight is not a cause but rather a symptom of some imbalance in hormonal pathways or perhaps some other cause. It has been reported that some individuals have tumors in the hypothalamus that can contribute to being over weight. This is not that common but it does happen. Remember, you have probably been on the dieting roller coaster for some time and this in itself can cause problems with weight loss. Essentially, your body and brain don’t know what to do because you have macro nutrient, mineral and hormonal imbalances so your entire system becomes confused. You need to develop a strategy to beat weight loss resistance and keep on track.

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Fat – You probably think that consuming fat will make you fat. Well, there is some truth to that especially if you’re taking in the wrong fats. However, your body needs fat but the fats need to be healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are important for maintaining proper cell membrane function in every cell of the body and is particularly important for brain and heart. Most people don’t get enough omega-3s simply because they are eating fast foods and animal products that are not free range, grass fed and also not taking enough oily fishes. Free range, grass fed animals contain a high concentration of omega-3s and are low in omega-6s. Too many omega-6s causes your metabolism to run amok. Many people are taking in foods that produce a ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s anywhere from 20:1 to 50:1. This is not good. The ratio of 6s to 3s should be 1:1 or 2:1. This is very important!. Keep in mind that hormonal communication between cells requires healthy cell membranes. So, even if you have enough of the right hormones floating around, if the cell membrane can’t respond to them then they might as well not be there. Consider consuming avocados, coconut oil and nuts (like walnuts) to increase levels of omega-3s which should help you with weight loss. Don’t forget oily fishes and range free, grass fed chickens, beef and eggs.

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Weight Loss Resistance
Medical Assistance – If you’ve had weight loss resistance for some time, now may be the time to get professional help. Your doctor can run tests on a number of medical issues that cause weight loss problems. You can have leptin or insulin resistance, adrenal gland dysfunction, hypothyroidism and a number of other medical issues. These need to be checked and once you know what the problem is, it is possible to do something about it.

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Gastrointestinal Dysfunction – If your gut isn’t working properly, this can contribute to weight loss resistance. You may be able to take care of this problem yourself by detoxification with herbal teas and taking in more fiber to clean your gut of debris.

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