Are You A Perfectionist? Shift Your Thinking!

This isn’t healthy so you need to change your thinking and be more positive about things. Perhaps you find fault with other because you see them as less than perfect. ​


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Are You A Perfectionist? Shift Your Thinking!

Being a perfectionist can pay its toll. Do you find that you scold yourself for doing a not so perfect job on something or perhaps there is a part of your body you don’t like?

perfectionist Are You A Perfectionist? Shift Your Thinking!
perfection might be sign of mental problems


Perfectionism is too extreme and in reality it doesn’t exist. Remember, to be human is to err. That means you and every one else. Change your focus on what is good about you and others and I think you’ll be much happier for it. I’ve provided some tips below to help you shift your thinking. See what you think.

Tips To Change Your Perspective:

perfectionism-extreme Are You A Perfectionist? Shift Your Thinking!

Perfectionism is too extreme

  • Change takes time – you simply need to take with one day at a time. This is a short-term focus that should enable you to actually make the shift gradually. Work on yourself and stay away from your previously conceived short-comings, mind and body wise. Try to work on one attribute at a time. When you have accomplished that, move on to the next. Then, take a look at those around you and find positive things about them and rebuild the image you have of them.
  • Redefine – while you’re taking the time to make changes, redefine what healthy behavior is all about along the way. If you have a part of your body you don’t like, look at that part in a more positive light. In other words, what’s good about it. Do the same thing for friends and family. Concentrate on what is good and leave the short-comings behind. Again, simply rebuild the image.
  • Diary – any time you’re trying to accomplish something new, keep a journal. It’s really like taking notes in class. You’ll have a record of what you are doing and you can use those notes to reflect. See if your procedure is working and if not where can you make changes. Restructuring is an important part of learning. This will also help you to know when you have achieved your goals. Make sure you write in your diary every day what you have done and how you feel about it. If you have an exercise routine, you probably weigh yourself and keep a record of it. That way you can check to see if you are making any progress. If not, you can figure out where your mistake is and correct it. Keeping a diary of your changes in thinking will provide the same kind of feedback.
  • Inward focus – try looking at yourself on the inside. Don’t look at your outward behavior or how you would look in a bikini but rather concentrate on how you would like to feel about your new thinking or how you feel about your bikini.
  • Enjoy – don’t think of this exercise of shifting your thinking as something that is rigid because that will take the joy out of it. Extend your inner self to mesh with the surround and others present. Participate with your surround as if you have become one with it. Don’t find fault with it, just make it pleasant. Be kind to yourself and others.
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