How to Lose 70 Pounds Without Phentermine Quick!

Are you overweight? Have you been trying to lose weight for a long time and just can’t seem to get there. Do you feel hopeless, helpless and embarrassed?



Unfortunately, our society and media put forth a thin image and if you’re not you aren’t respectable. This takes its toll after a while until you are actually devastated. Now, you are stuck in a rut and feeling bad about yourself. This is when you get fast food like hamburgers or pizza and add some ice cream to that when you should be eating something healthy.

Weight gain problem is you!

Do not eat fast food

In order to lose weight, you must avoid junk food, period!

​First off, you need to search deep inside of you and determine an ideal you. This is not an external view of yourself but rather inside. Find out what you are all about. No doubt when you have attempted to diet, you did it with mixed emotions so intermittently you didn’t follow your diet because you felt bad about yourself. Putting yourself down and dwelling on that. Perhaps you’ve stopped having pictures made of yourself because you don’t want to see what you have become. Now’s the time to pull up and make that change. It’s as simple as telling yourself that you deserve “to live well and be well”. Just do it. Convince yourself.

Ice Cream with Cookies

Avoid ice cream!

You must avoid eating ice cream in order to lose weight!

The old saying is if you can love yourself unconditionally, you will have special powers that you can call upon. This is important even in the small things. Suppose you just got home from work, tired, hungry looking for that half gallon of ice cream. From unconditional love for self, you will let yourself know that you don’t need or want the ice cream and move on.

The worst food

French fries is bad for you

Fries is the worst kind of food when it comes to weight loss!

One thing to consider is your understanding of weight loss routine. Perhaps you pay too much attention on the what’s of dieting as opposed to the whys. Simply put, you known you need to eat your broccoli and stay away from French fries but under all of that you’re not getting the fact that it is to lose weight and be healthy (feel good, body and mind). No doubt French fries would certainly win out on taste alone as opposed to broccoli, but broccoli actually does taste good and so you need to convince yourself. Undo some learned bad behavior.

Fat woman is not happy on scales

Get negative feelings out of your mind and feel positive – depression will not help you lose weight!

Once you get to the point that you accept that you are worthy of well being, mentally and physically, you’ll will find that all the negative-thoughts you had will begin to dissipate. Your negativity was rearing its ugly head in making you over eat. This should now subside.

Two women standing side by side

Look at me – this is my body before I lost 70 pounds without Phentermine or any other diet pill. Follow me and you will lose 70 pounds as well!

If you have 70 or more pounds you would like to lose, self worth is the key. It is possible to lose 70 pounds in one year but certainly under two years. After all you took a life time to get into the state you’re in. I can’t emphasize enough that weight loss and any other problem you might have is truly an inside job. That is to say, you need to look deep inside and develop respect and love for self. You are certainly worth it.  So, make sure that you know the “why” for wanting weight loss. And, that means you want to live well, be well, be healthy!

Weight Loss Before and After

Before and after photos – how I lost 70 pounds quick and easy way without Phentermine

Phentermine did the job for me!
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