Weight Loss Tips from a Phentermine Pro

Losing weight while on Phentermine and keeping it off can be a difficult process and nothing short of a drag for those who struggle with weight issues. Sometimes it can make things a little bit easier and less daunting to read and understand the struggles of those who are like us and see what has helped and worked for them.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Weight Loss Tips from a Phentermine Pro
Annie-Markowitz-Phentermine Weight Loss Tips from a Phentermine Pro
Weight loss expert Annie Markowitz

Today, we will review six steps that have been laid out by a Holistic Health Coach named Annie Markowitz. Her original list can be found on mindbodygreen.com and is a great go-to guide for the formidable task of losing weight while taking Phentermine diet pills. Here are the six things that helped her to shed a whopping SIXTY FIVE pounds without constantly feeling deprived:

Annie Markowitz – Phentermine / Weight Loss Pro from MindBodyGreen.com

Find a few healthy recipes that you absolutely LOVE.” This is a no-brainer. Take the time to scour the internet. Try out as many new recipes as you can. If you prefer eating out, network to find the healthiest dining options in your area, but cooking at home can be very rewarding and also allows you to tweak recipes to make them even healthier or more suited to your taste.

Remember to take Phentermine dosage about 30 minutes before your meal. Regardless, find several healthy meals that make your mouth water, and you will be starting on your way to a healthier overall diet. The confidence of these smart and healthy food choices will help to boost motivation and keep you on track.

“If you have a sweet tooth, always have a healthy desert on hand to grab when you have a craving.” Many of us have those cravings for sugar, even while taking Phentermine and some of us more than others. Regardless of what category you fall into, if you get sweet cravings, it is very important to have healthy dessert options on hand at all times. This will help to keep you from splurging on something that is not so good or productive to your weight loss goals.

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​ “Any time you feel the urge to snack, reach for veggies first.” Here is another no-brainer. Vegetables are high in nutrients and relatively low in calories. They should be the largest part of our diet. And with so many to choose from, there should be several that you can find as favorites or go-tos.

“No cheat days.” While some may disagree with this statement, Markowitz states it is important to not give yourself entire days to “cheat” your Phentermine weight loss program. She says that a whole day devoted to cheating can sabotage your long-term plan. Instead, have the occasional cheat moment.

Indulge on a piece of cake, pie, or cookie on holidays or special occasions. If you are feeling those craving that are mentioned above, always try to satisfy them with a healthy options, but for those really intense cravings, allow a small cheat dessert or meal, instead of a whole 12-24 hours of slacking on your healthy diet.

eating-lovely-food Weight Loss Tips from a Phentermine Pro
how to eat properly

Woman eating what she loves while taking Phentermine

“Eat when you’re actually hungry.” This one seems like yet another no-brainer, but eating out of habit or boredom is a big issue for many people. Believe it or not, even on Phentermine you can overeat. I know it has been for me. But, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Markowitz suggests really mentally focusing on your stomach and how it feels. Do you truly feel hungry? Or is there another problem that you may be masking with hunger? For me, I have tried to find other activities to do when I feel the urge to eat out of boredom or habit. As of lately, I have been simply standing up and doing anywhere from 10-100 squats. I do find that my mind becomes distracted, and this also helps towards my overall health goals. It is also something you can do almost anywhere and anytime. I often eat out of boredom when watching my favorite TV shows, but now,  I jump up instead and do some squats and still get to keep watching.

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“Try to stop eating at least three hours before bed.” We have all most likely heard about the risks of eating late at night when trying to shed those extra pounds. Once Phentermine wears off, you begin to feel hungry and you cannot take another dosage to be able to sleep. Make sure you do not eat before going to bed! Our bodies burn more calories when we are up and active, so it only makes sense that if we eat late at night or any time of the day before a long rest, then our body will be storing those calories instead of burning them up.

naomiteeterswimsuitbeforeafter_orig Weight Loss Tips from a Phentermine Pro
Before and After

Weight Loss after reading our Phentermine tips – before and after in just few months!

Utilize these 6 tips in your own Phentermine weight loss program for extra motivation and to keep yourself from feeling too deprived. It is never too late to start and definitely never too late to add tips from others who share in your journey. We are all in this together and there has never been a better time to get on track than right now!

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