7 Natural Foods that Turbocharge your Weight Loss

When you’re closely following the protocol of the Phen375, you are aware of two very important factors—consistent dosing of the Phen375 on a regular schedule and cutting calories.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN 7 Natural Foods that Turbocharge your Weight Loss

The Phen375 acts as a regulator to other hormones in the body, which means more energy and less cravings. Naturally, when trying to lose weight, less means more in regard to calorie intake, and that entails opting for foods that help—not hinder—your efforts in losing pounds and building muscle. So take a look at some natural ingredients and foods that will help you on your way to getting in shape. Also, this site has listed more than 300+ Phen375 reviews from verified customers.


Specifically, portabella mushrooms would be the most useful in your weight loss endeavor. These flavorful food items make great substitutes for steaks or hamburger patties; plus you’re cutting out a lot of calories and fat, and remember, fresh is best—not canned.


​Aside from the Egg Day, which you might need to avoid if possible, eggs improve any meal, particularly salads. You can simply cut up one boiled egg and sprinkle over your veggies for more flavor and protein. The powerful combination of fiber from the salad and the protein and Omega 3’s from the egg will help you to feel fuller for a longer period of time.


And speaking of salads, diced apples also make an awesome addition to any salad or even a side with a small slice of ham or a small pork chop. The sweetness pairs quite well with anything savory. Most importantly, the pectin from the peeling contains a good amount of fiber and has caught the attention of medical researchers due to its positive effect on weight loss and a decrease of cholesterol and other heart disease markers.

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No, this is not referring to canned varieties found in the grocery store; rather homemade. Soups and stews pack a lot of nutrients for such a simple meal. The broth, itself, is low in calories and fat, especially if you mix water with vegetable or chicken broth. It can help you to get full more quickly. When you throw in your favorite herbs, spices, and vegetables with a small amount of chicken or beef, you’ll get a very satisfying meal in itself with 20% fewer calories than a multi-course meal.

Herbs and Spices

Many of these ingredients are utilized for homeopathic healing and as weight loss supplements as well as their flavor. Nonetheless, experimenting with a variety of herbs and spices is a lot more fun (and tastier) than popping a capsule. Some herbs and spices that possess nutritional benefits and metabolic-boosting qualities are: cinnamon, cumin, basil, turmeric, and oregano just to name a few.


Again, you would opt for the least processed oats instead the instant or “quick oats.” Steel-cut oats are the best choice and can usually be found in any grocery or health food store. The benefits behind oats all center on the fiber, which the body has to really work to digest. So this complex carb will keep hunger at bay and maintain stable glucose levels, which means less release of insulin into the system and better yet, less stored fat!

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ok. So maybe not the popular music group, rather the capsaicin-loaded vegetable that is also high in fiber and Vitamin C, and yes, you can include green and any other color of chili peppers as well. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that when you eat chili peppers, say in the form of salsa for example, thirty minutes before a meal, you will eat about 10% less and feel fuller. The best approach is to dip vegetables (celery is great!) instead of chips to cut out fat and carb. Also, if the heat gets to you, don’t worry. Drinking at least eight ounces of water before meal also helps to cut back on portions and number of servings.

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There you have it – seven great food items that are sure to partner well with your popular weight loss supplement in driving away cravings, boosting metabolism, and improving your energy levels all day.

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