Understanding Your Body Mass Index

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Do you use your body weight as your personal gauge to indicate if you are overweight? Now there is a more reliable measurement that you can use; it is your body mass index or BMI.


BUY-PHENOBESTIN Understanding Your Body Mass Index

Your body mass index is basically a measurement that is designed to tell how thick or how thin you are. It can be represented on a chart that shows your weight once it’s adjusted for your stature. Another good measurement you can use is your waist circumference. There are other things that are considered when calculating your BMI such as gender, ethnicity, and overall fitness level. Your body mass index calculates your lean body mass. You can use the BMI chart to tell if you are obese or if you suffer from malnutrition. BMI has been associated with longevity; in general, the lower your BMI score, the longer you should live.


BMI-CHART-1024x791 Understanding Your Body Mass Index

Your BMI is calculated by taking your weight in pounds and dividing it by your height in inches squared. Once you have this number multiply it by 705 to get your BMI. This formula may sound complicated but the color coded BMI charts make it simple to find your BMI so you do not need to do the calculations to find it. The BMI charts were developed using some data from research studies and some data provided by life insurance companies. The lowest life sustaining BMI score a person can have is between 13 and 15 and the maximum score tops out around 150. Most people will fall within the 19-27 range. In children BMI gains typically result from lean mass gains, not fat gains. Fat mass usually begins to affect BMI scores in late adolescence.

Both low and high BMI scores are related to increased morbidity and mortality. Low BMIs can indicate malnutrition or point to a wasting disease process. This can be a significant predictor of mortality for young and old hospitalized patients. A high BMI is only a predictor of mortality among young patients that are hospitalized. Usually this is due to cardiovascular disease and obesity. Mortality risk is only slightly elevated for elderly patients with high BMI scores.

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Your ethnicity is also considered when evaluating your BMI scores. Asians and Hawaiians have very different body types. A BMI that is extremely high for an Asian may be normal for a Hawaiian. A normal score for an Asian could indicate a state of malnutrition for a Hawaiian.

Your BMI score should never be used in isolation. It is much better to use it along with other measurements. The body mass index is most accurate for those with sedentary lifestyles. People with high muscle mass may have deceptively high BMIs relative to their actual body weight.

If your BMI is too high or too low, your doctor may recommend a diet program. Here are some diet guidelines that can help you reach your weight goals.

Healthy Dietary Guidelines

Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You should eat at least 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit each day. Select fruits and vegetables that are green, orange, red, blue/purple, and yellow. By selecting fruits and vegetables of every color you can help make sure you get all the trace vitamins and minerals you may require for optimal nutrition. It is better not to take any weight loss supplements such as Forskolin or Garcinia Cambogia and naturally lose weight.

When selecting your grains you should make sure at least half of your daily servings are coming from whole grain sources. Your products may say “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole grain.” If you do not see these words on the label look at the ingredients. The first ingredient should be whole grain. If it is not, look around and select another product. You should try to limit sugar and refined flour. These provide little nutritional value. They also have lots of empty calories. They can help you gain weight if you are underweight, but you can select healthy alternatives to help put on those extra pounds.

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Everyone can benefit from eating more fish and nuts. You can find healthy unsaturated fats in avocados, fatty fish, nuts and vegetable oils. Eating fatty fish can help reduce the risk of heart disease because they contain omega 3 polyunsaturated fats. You should substitute vegetable oil for butter because vegetable fats are better for you than animal fats are.

You should control the amount of animal fats in your diet. You can raise your cholesterol levels too much if you eat a lot of animal fat. This can lead to a number of other health problems you should avoid. When selecting your meats, choose lean cuts of meat and skinless poultry. When selecting dairy products, you should select products which are low in fat.

Finally, everyone should try to avoid Trans fats. They are not healthy. You should also limit your alcohol consumption. Women should have no more than one drink a day and men should have no more than two. These simple diet guidelines can help you reach your weight goals.

If you have changed your diet, but still cannot lose weight you have a few other options. You can discuss the problem with your doctor and see if he will write you a prescription for a weight loss medication. The most effective weight loss solution that is available by prescription is Phentermine HCL. It works by binding the receptors in the brain that cause hunger signals and basically numbs them. This makes it so you do not feel hungry.

If you do not want to get a prescription there is an over the counter alternative. PhenObesitn is a 100% all natural alternative. It is available without a prescription. It is made with Nutraceuticals – Natural Pharmaceuticals. PhenObestin contains Beta Phenylethylamine HCL, Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Theanine, Synephrine HCL, Theobromine and Hordenine HCL. It looks and works just like the more expensive prescription counterpart. It will help suppress your appetite and give you more energy.

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By following these simple dietary guidelines and asking for help if you are having problems, you can reach your weight goals and get your BMI back into your target range.

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