How To Plan For a Yoga Festival

yoga-festival How To Plan For a Yoga Festival

Thousands attending yoga festival every year


BUY-PHENOBESTIN How To Plan For a Yoga Festival

Ever thought about going to a Yoga festival? These festivals can be quite involved but you should come out feeling energized. Along with increased energy levels, you should have learned some techniques to take home with.

You might find yourself somewhat fatigued and perhaps even in pain when you’re done so I’d like to share with you some tips on how to plan for and survive a yoga festival.

6 Tips for planning and surviving

  • Don’t over do it – You’ll probably want to get your money’s worth since these events can be a little pricey. However, take care not to do to much. Get an understanding of what yoga is before you go and figure out what your limitations are so you get the most benefit for the money. Try steering away from Asanas or do just a few of them. Asanas is a particular posture that is done in Hatha yoga. This is difficult particularly for the beginner.
  • Mix it up – try attending some lectures on anatomy, Ayurveda and chakras. Learn about meditation and massages. Then, participate in one of their exercises because if you try too many you will become fatigued and possibly need to take a nap. Believe me, you will collapse. So, don’t over do it!
  • Plan your events – see what classes they offer and learn a little about the festival ahead of time. Determine what you are interested in and make a list to take with. The festival events are available on the internet. You’ll find lists of all events and the times they are available. So, do your homework.
  • Sign up early – now that you know what you want to do, you’ll need to sign up for various classes. Do this in advance and don’t wait till you get there. Classes often fill up quickly and close out.
  • Early bird offers – since these events can be pricey, take advantage of early bird discounts. If you have to travel far to get to the festival, you might want to carpool with someone and possibly share a motel. Instructors at the fair often have access to information about people attending and they can help you hook up. Look at the fairs website for further info on food and lodgings. Instructor information should be there as well and how to contact them.
  • Pack only what you need – don’t go hog wide and pack a lot of stuff. Just pack the minimum but don’t forget a water bottle, yoga mat, sunscreen and other items you need to exercise with. There will be vendors there that have everything/anything you might need so if you forget something, you can buy it there. The thing about the vendors is that they usually have new items available. You might want to take advantage of this and that’s why I say pack lightly, only what you need so you carry extras back.
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