If you are into fitness, then you have likely heard of the fitness dancing sensation, Zumba. Millions of women and men all over the world have turned dancing into exercise, shed unwanted fat, and toned problem areas all over their bodies with Zumba. You can sign up for local classes to do this workout. Many people share what they have learned online, so if you do not have a local Zumba class, you may be able to find some great ideas online to follow along with and try it out. Zumba’s official website also offers full videos that you can purchase if you want the full experience in your own home. This is great for those who can feel self-conscious when exercising in front of others…add in dancing? That could be a little embarrassing for some!



If you do not have a local Zumba and do not prefer videos to work out, then you can possibly try talking to local personal trainers to see if any have enough clients that would be interested in the classes. Or, you could even look into becoming one yourself! Simply follow the instructions on their official website to get licensure for teaching Zumba in your area.

How it Works

Zumba is a combination of low intensity and high intensity aerobic exercise. It also includes aspects of muscle conditioning, flexibility, and balance. This method really gets your body moving and your heart pumping. It does, however, have a high focus on fun. This is about enjoying your workout. And, hey, you might even learn some cool dance moves along the way! Burn those calories by partying with your friends and others. Workouts that bring people together and create fun and laughter have great success rates. Fun and friends can be HUGE motivators to work out and get in shape. And what is better than attaining a health goal with others who can celebrate with you.

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Zumba offers many different classes so users can switch it up if they prefer. The following are some of the fun Zumba experiences you can enjoy in a local class or through video instruction:

  • Strong by Zumba – This is for experienced Zumba users. It is a high-intensity interval workout. The music for this class was crafted to keep this workout intense.
  • Zumba Step – This is great for individuals who are looking to tone up the lower half. Prepare for lots of step aerobics. If you struggle with “leg day” like so many people do, this class may help you to strengthen those legs and glutes in a way that can be fun!
  • Zumba Toning – If you are wanting to tone your body and sculpt gorgeous muscles, then this is the class that Zumba recommends.
  • Aqua Zumba – This version is just what it sounds like, in the water! This is perfect for hot, summer days.

Those are just a few of the many different workouts that Zumba offers. If you are dieting and wanting a fun way to increase your daily physical activity, then this may be just the solution for you. Try it alone at home, try a class solo and make some new friends, or grab some of your own friends and join a local class.


There has been very little research done with this method of working out. There has been some isolated and limited research, though. The American Council on Exercise published a review of this method by Mary Luettgen, M.S., John P. Porcari, Ph.D., Carl Foster, Ph.D., Richard Mikat, Ph.D., and Jose Rodriguez-Morroyo, Ph.D. In this article, the authors note the extreme worldwide popularity of this method. Even with this popularity there is a lack of scientific evidence for its efficacy through standard clinical trials. Dr. Porcari of the authors and his team of exercise scientists were tasked with getting the full scoop on this popular aerobic dance method thanks to a grant from the American Council on Exercise. They gathered 19 participants for this study. They ranged in age from eighteen years to twenty two years old. They concluded that one single Zumba fitness class burned about 369 calories (9.5 kcal per minute). The scientists note that due to the interval training that Zumba utilizes, this method is able to burn a high amount of calories in a shorter amount of time as compared to some other aerobic exercise like running or jogging. They concluded that Zumba was not only fun for participants, but that it was also highly effective in burning a large amount of calories. It provides a full body workout with core strengthening and flexibility training with plenty of movements in the hips and midsection. They found that this was a very effective workout for all the participants, no matter their fitness level. The instruction allows for variation from the class members, so whether you are a seasoned veteran or a Zumba virgin, you can get a great workout, burn lots of calories, tone muscles, and so much more.

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5 stars - "Jenny is a 24 year old recent graduate. She struggled with weight issues throughout college. She was not obese, but she just didn’t have the time or motivation to stay on a regular workout schedule. That was until last year when her friend dragged her to a local Zumba class. Jenny had a blast. She met new friends and found that motivation to work out that she had lost with her busy life and busy schedule. She continued to go to the classes with her friend and pretty soon she started to notice the fat deposits that had been concerning her were starting to melt away. She has since been attending classes regularly and has lost all the weight she wanted to lose. Now, she is working on toning muscles and sculpting her dream body with this fun and efficient workout. If you have had trouble getting the motivation to work out, then this may be just what you have been missing. See if you have a local class or get some videos to try it at home. Boost your motivation with exercise that is fun, challenging, and really works!" Based on 11,787 Votes since 2016!

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