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Ionamin’s ingredient is Phentermine resin complex (continuous release). Phentermine is a controlled substance that requires a prescription and therefore so does Ionamin. You can’t buy Ionamin without a prescription legally. All online sites that say you can buy Ionamin without prescription are scams. These don’t contain Phentermine and generally are botanical mixes of one thing or another with a lot of caffeine.


Phentermine in Australia

​Ionamin (Phentermine) has been reported to cause drug dependence and is associated with a number of adverse side effects. For that reason, only overweight/obese individuals who are not prone to drug addictions and/or alcoholism can get a prescription for Ionamin.

A physician may prescribe Ionamin only if this drug is approved by the National Ministry of Health. A prescription for Ionamin must correspond to the requirements of the prescription for psychotropic drugs. Your prescription should be written in ink (ballpoint pen), certified by the signature and personal seal of the doctor. If the prescription is illegible, has corrections, has no signature or seal, then it is considered void.

Each Prescription Should Have:

  • The serial number
  • The name of Ionamin drug without abbreviations
  • The dosage of Ionamin in milligrams

​Since the drug has a high risk of dependency, you can only get a prescription for no more than 30 capsules at a time. If you’ve never taken Ionamin before, your first prescription will be for 4 Ionamin capsules only. When the doctor is sure that you are not experiencing any serious side effects or having an allergic response, then he/she will prescribe a full bottle.

​Ionamin has an expiration date. If you receive a prescription for Ionamin but its validity has expired, you’ll have to get another prescription. Validity of a prescription for Ionamin ranges from several days to several weeks.

If you happen to have obesity treatment in a clinic, you won’t need a prescription for Ionamin. When you’re in a clinic, the responsibility for distribution of a controlled substance lies with the treating doctor and hospital staff.

If for any reason a prescription for Ionamin doesn’t meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health, then it is considered void. So, when a pharmacist sees a void prescription for Ionamin, he/she is obliged to contact the physician who wrote the prescription and to tell him/her of the reasons for not honoring the prescription.

​If for any reason you decide to buy Ionamin without a prescription (if you can find such a place), be aware that Ionamin (diet pill with Phentermine) can cause long-term cardiovascular side effects. There are also issues with tolerance and withdrawal. You really need to be supervised on this medication. Ionamin capsules have been sold for several decades but some countries have withdrawn it from the market.

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