Many of dieters having a lot of questions in regards to how to lose weight the most effective way. What to eat, how to exercise if this or that weight loss program is effective or not.



One major disadvantage of all of the commercial products – none of these ever tell you that they are second best. It is your job to ask your doctor questions and get information from other sources that are not interested to make a buck from you buying into some type of diet plan or pills. Feel free to ask our experts any questions and they will be able to point out all the pros and cons that are associated with your area of interest. We assure you that one way or another, you will find true answers from us. Many are concerned about secure Phentermine delivery. We are confident that our retailers are tested and they are operating in the United States, Canada, Australia and all accept all major credit cards in USD currency. Once you purchase from one of our stores, you will be sure to buy from them again and again many times over. Your every order is guaranteed to safely arrive at your doorsteps in discrete packages. It will pass through the border patrol inspection and arrive at your home on time. Does not matter what part of the world you are living in.

How quickly can I lose the weight?

Many of us are concerned about it the most. The best proven method of quickly losing weight on Phentermine is being active and watch what you eat. Every one of us is born with billions of empty fat cells. These fat cells are programmed from the day one to increase by 1000 times of its’ capacity and once this limit is reached, these fat cells will multiply. There no stopping point.  I wish there was. I hope one day, modern medicine will be able to genetically modify, stop these fat cells from multiplying and all of our health problems associated with weight gain will be history. But we are living in the world where it is not possible and we have to deal with it. As long as you “feed” these cells with fat, they will increase and multiply. Our body from the early days was not designed to consume such variety of nutrients, fats and proteins as we consume today. These cells are designed to hold fat in case of under consumption to use for energy. Our body is programmed to hunt for food. Therefore, it must remain in constant “hunger” state in order to keep up with weight and keep these fat cells under filled. Now days, we are over eating and filling these cells with fat like never before. It’s “untested territory” for the humanity yet, but evolution takes it’s tall. Our body cannot stop on its own from making these fat deposits that eventually can over take our health and kill. So in order to stop that vicious cycle, we need to consume less than 2,000 calories a day because our body needs 2,000 of these calories daily in order to function. Everything that’s over 2,000 calories, unless you are “burning” more by being physically active, gets stored in your fat cells. If you think that having 2,000 calories will give you weight loss you need, no, you need to burn additional calories to lose weight. So if you need 2,000 calories a day to function, you must “burn” at least additional 1,000 calories or so every day in order to lose weight quickly in as little as 3-6 months to achieve realistic goals. Remember, there no perfect magic pill or diet. It’s a formula. Closer you can stick to it, more chances you have to quickly lose the weight.

​Here you can find out everything you need to know about Adipex P. We have a group of specialists ready to answer your questions. Here we cover everything from A to Z related to Phentermine HCL and Adipex P weight loss drugs. If you can’t find the answer, please visit “Contact US” section of our online pharmacy shop and let us know. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Can I drink hard liquor, wine and beer while on this drug?

Absolutely not, drinking alcohol while taking Phentermine is prohibited. When you get your supply from a licensed pharmacy, it is their lawful obligation to include stickers on the bottle, where it clearly warns you – no alcohol. When combined together, it may trigger Phentermine side effects and that’s something you must avoid by any means possible. Do not experiment and combine these two, it is extremely heavy on your liver, among other organs and can potentially be very dangerous if you do that.

What is the street value of Adipex – I can’t believe that people are so light headed about Phentermine and willing to endanger their health by looking for Adipex street value. Adipex P consists of Phentermine HCL which is controlled substance and possession without proper documentation is a felony crime in the United States. Punished same way as street drugs. On top of that, you never know how you will react to this drug and how it will interact with other things you might be taking. It must not be taken without proper medical analysis and prescription. If you are looking for illegal ways to buy Adipex, you are putting yourself in huge risk. It may cause stroke, heart attack and other irreversible health complications. Do not attempt to buy it anywhere but your local pharmacy store with prescription from your doctor.

Does adipex cause swelling of the lymph nodes – NO – Adipex is not known to cause swelling on the lymph nodes. It might be a sign of something extremely severe and you must immediately consult your doctor. Do not take it easy and immediately call your doctor. It is very abnormal when taking Adipex, swelling may be early signs of HIV/AIDS and many other signs of bad diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. Do not wait and call your doctor immediately or rush into the hospital. Internet will not be your source of information. You need to do medical tests.

Which is stronger Adipex or Phentermine – This is very unpleasant to answer this question. If you are not aware that Adipex P (which is brand name), 100% consist of Phentermine HCL, you should not take it. You must learn everything you need to know about Phentermine before considering taking Adipex. Strength of Adipex is determined by amount of milligrams of active ingredient – Phentermine HCL in each tablet or capsule. It may come with 10mg – 37.5mg of Phentermine HCL. Please note, this is not some kind of supplement, it is very strong and addictive weight loss drug that’s only sold by prescription. It is controlled substance and may be addictive. Do not take it lightly, learn everything there is about it. Taking this drug must be supervised by a doctor, because it may lead to irreversible health complications.

Adipex Side Effects – Adipex P, just like any prescription drug comes with huge number of possible side effects. We cannot list them all here. Most people develop dry mouth and excessive sweating. These are not life threatening. If you are experiencing something different, like vomiting, irregular heartbeat or something even worth like fainting, immediately call 911. It is extremely abnormal. Adipex is a prescription only drug. When you getting your prescription, make sure that your doctor has your health and medicine history. You will need to tell the doctor if you ever experienced any allergies to any medications as well as tell the doctor about all vitamins and supplements you are currently taking. You may be asked to stop something in order to get a prescription. Ask why. Also make sure you are getting your prescription from legit doctor, some doctors are there for a buck and they may just give you a prescription because you are asking for it to make quick kick back from the pharmaceutical agent. Never take it without making sure you are at the right place. Just like any street drugs, Adipex may be abused, because it’s ingredient – Phentermine HCL may be used in the similar way as street drugs. Phentermine HCL is very similar to amphetamines. With that comes addiction. You do not want to have additional complications to your weight problem. Always make sure that your doctor is up to date with your medical history and never rely on doctors like Dr. Pynkerton Dion Newton.

Does Adipex work – We hear this question over and over, many times a day. There no such relevancy between “work” and prescription Adipex. Many people making same mistake, asking if diet pills work or not? What do they really mean by “work”? Do they mean if I can lose weight – Yes you can. Can you get energy – Yes. Will Adipex suppress my appetite – Yes. What really people mean by “work” – we don’t really have answer to that. Asking seller if their product works… Please… It’s like asking whether man “can I breathe air”. Let me tell you something from the reality – Adipex alone WILL NOT WORK! There many different factors that play the role in the weight loss process. Believe it or not, but some people manage to gain weight on Adipex. It all depends on how you eat, how active you are and your metabolism. Some people may lose more weight compare to others. Some may gain weight and some may not lose any. Nobody has answer to this question and if you get straight Yes answer, its lies.

How to get Adipex – Getting Adipex is just as easy as getting any prescription medicine. If you feel that you need it, schedule an appointment with your doctor and make him aware of your needs. Doctor will determine if Adipex is something you need and if yes, what dosage and how often you need to take it. Please remember that Adipex is not a solution to your weight gain problems. There many other factors that play the role here. Also Adipex is not some kind of “magic” remedy for your weight loss. It will not automatically “burn” your fat and make you look like Hollywood model. There many things you need to do like dieting and exercising besides taking Adipex. Just like any stimulant it is not healthy. Adipex is extremely heavy on your heart and long term use may lead to irreversible heart problems. Always ask yourself if you really need it before choosing this path.

Adipex Secured Website – Many people search in Google for Adipex secured site. Here are few suggestions. One of our web guys is been working in e-commerce security field and basically pointed out few major things you need to know to make secure purchases, regardless if it is Adipex or anything else you buy on the internet. First and the most important is to have up to date operating system, Windows or Apple, with all the latest updates. 2nd, make sure that your browser does not have any funny extensions or any additions like some type of panel or bar on top. Make sure that you have latest anti virus software installed. That software must have browser add on that controls all your web browsing, downloading activities. If everything is up to date on your home PC and there nothing abnormal going on – your PC is good to go. You open your browser and find the web site from which you want to buy. At first, I recommend copying the web site name and searching on the web for any possible scam or rip off reports. You can copy the URL, for example “” and go to Goole and type “ scam report” or “ rip off report”. Do not trust reviews published on the same site. Only rely on sources like or All others can be inflated. If you can’t find anyone else saying something about this web site, you may consider buying from that web site. From that point there few other things to consider. When you add products to the shopping cart and move where you need to type in your personal information, site URL must start with http:// and not http:// – http:// should be green color (for the most browsers) and there must not be any warnings or messages popping up. If you see something else other than green http://, stop and never buy from this site again, that means something on that site that is not secure. If everything is OK, next is to look at how site processes your credit card transaction. For the most part, if seller processing your credit card transaction directly on the site, that means they have access to your personal information, your address, plus your credit card. Use your judgement if you want to provide that information. In some cases seller redirects you to process credit card transaction else where. This is tricky one. Again, first, pay attention to green http://, after that, make sure that you are entering your card details at the known source. For the most part if its not, or, I personally will not give my credit card number. Safest is PayPal, it adds extra protection to your purchases. Always make sure, in case of the redirect, it is properly spelled name, for example scammers may misspell and register domain (with two LLs), (it’s not .com) or something of that nature, make fake page look like PayPal, take your personal information and steal all your money from credit card or PayPal account. Remember to always be careful and always make sure you are protected.

Can you lose 25 pounds using Adipex – Many people ask how much weight can I lose on Adipex? How much can I lose per week? These are completely irrelevant questions. Nobody in the world can give you exact formula that will make you lose X number of pounds. If someone claims otherwise – they are lying to you. Do not trust these half illegal infomercials that promise you to lose X number of pounds per week or per day. They never say exact number, they only say “up to” or “may“. Each person is different. It all depends on metabolism and your daily activities. If you lay on the couch all day and eat a lot of calories – guess what, you will gain weight even when taking highest dose of Adipex – 37.5mg. Even if you are active and run marathons all day long, there no guarantee you will be losing weight. A lot depends on your eating habits. Did you know that you have to run for 40 minutes just to burn sugar consumed with just 1 – 20oz of Coke? So if you drink 2 bottles of Coke and run for 40 minutes, 2nd bottle will add to your daily sugar intake. Each bottle of Coke contains 65g of sugar – 252 calories. Calories aside. Not only you need to “burn” it, you will need fiber to process that sugar. You will need to eat literally a “ton” of fiber in order to prevent sugar spikes when drinking soda. These sugar spikes make your pancreases produce excessive amounts of insulin, which if not absorbed while processing sugar, transforms in to fat. So losing weight is based on many factors and nobody, even you, can predict how much weight you may or may not lose. You can control your cravings for food, eat healthy and be active to maximize your weight loss, but you will never be able to predict that if I take x amount of Adipex, I will lose x amount of pounds. It’s just not possible.

Which manufacturer of adipex works best – The only legal manufacturer of Adipex P weight loss drug is “Teva Pharmaceutical Industries“. Anyone else who claim to be anybody related to manufacturing of Adipex is liar and scammer. Do not even think about which manufacturer is better, there no such valid entity. The one and only manufacturer is Teva. Active ingredient in Adipex is Phentermine HCL and there many producers worldwide making different brands that has Phentermine HCL. There regulations about potency of Phentermine HCL and amount of milligrams per unit (tablet or capsule). Normally how strong Phentermine will be is determined by amount of milligrams. In the United States, maximum amount per unit is 37.5mg, however, doctors may prescribe lower dosage, starting at 10 mg.

How Adipex P looks – Adipex P brand name looks like clear white and blue capsule with tiny immediate release balls inside. Generic Adipex may look like white tablet with blue specks, yellow, grey, orange capsules. It all depends on the pharmacy that creates this. Generally, in most cases Adipex looks like the one on the picture below.

Fake Adipex – Just like in any industry, ranging from baby diapers to cars, there fake ones. Anything can be faked and sold as real product. Same goes for prescription drugs. If you try to get Adipex from online pharmacies or any other unlicensed source, you have a chance to get fake Adipex. Nothing prevents scammers from taking chalk powder (best case, it may be poison), adding blue specks using blue spheres sugar (same that goes in mints) and make it look like Adipex tablet – white pill with blue specks. Just to let you know, anyone who claims to sell Adipex without prescription either trying to steal your identity or sell you fake medicine. Adipex is a prescription only drug, available at any pharmacy or at your local grocery store, drug shop or any licensed facility that is registered and allowed to dispense prescription drugs. Any uncontrolled environment is breaking the law and 100% illegal.

Adipex and Synthroid – Synthroid is a prescription only drug, designed to treat enlarged thyroid gland and thyroid cancer. In reality taking Adipex and Synthroid may produce negative drug reactions. It is known to doctors. Ingredients in these drugs Synthroid – levothyroxine and Adipex P – Phentermine HCL will react increasing the risk of negative cardiovascular conditions. Normally patients who take both of these medications may need to be monitored more frequently. If experiencing any side effects, doctors must adjust the dosage or remove one or another from your regimen. You must tell your doctor about any supplements, vitamins and other drugs you are taking. In order to determine if you can take it or not, you must consult your primary care physician and never make your own decisions. Only physician can answer this question.

I am looking for medicine a little less stronger than Adipex – There plenty of other products that are not as strong as Adipex. For example, if you are looking for a pharmaceutical grade product and do not want to go with supplements that are herbal, you may find interesting something that’s called “Nutraceuticals“. These are products that are not herbal, but sold as non prescription supplements. Nutraceuticals looks and feels like pharmaceutical products, but because of its classification as supplements, it is legal to be sold in the United States as supplements. In reality it is very similar to pharmaceutical products but less intense. The best alternative that is step down from Adipex is PhenObestin 37.5. You may learn more about it by visiting the following URL:

Buy prescriptions for Adipex online – It is absolutely illegal and you may not purchase prescription to get Adipex from anyone else. Prescriptions are not transferable. It is illegal to give Adipex to someone else who is not prescribed. You may kill someone. The only way to get this drug is to go to your primary care physician and ask for it.

Herbal Adipex – This is funny, there no such product as “herbal Adipex” because it is prescription only weight loss drug. Anyone who says that it is “herbal” is trying to sell you dietary supplement that may or may not even be effective.

Where do I buy Adipex – This is a prescription drug and only available for purchase by prescription only at any pharmacy store. Do not attempt to buy it online or from drug dealers. Reason why it is prescription medicine is because of reaction with other drugs, side effects and possible negative health complications. Your doctor is the only person who may determine if you are eligible to take it or not. Do not make your own decisions and do not even think about getting it from unlicensed source without proper documentation. You may end up in the hospital or even worth. There have been lethal cases associated with use of Phentermine HCL. One of the famous celebrities – Police Academy star Bubba Smith was found dead from heart attack related to Phentermine use.

Topamax with Adipex – There no such product as Topamax and Adipex. Both of these products are brand names of different pharmaceutical companies. Topamax for example is a brand name that belongs to Johnson & Johnson. Adipex P is a brand name that belongs to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Both of these products designed for different conditions. For example Topamax is designed to treat conditions like Migraine or Seizures where Adipex P is only designed to help people with weight loss. Main ingredient in Topamax is Topiramate and ingredient in Adipex is Phentermine HCL. Back in the 80s, product Phen-Fen was popular that was a mix of Topiramate and Phentermine. It was taken off the market because people started reporting serious heart complications. There were lethal cases. One of the side effects of Topamax is weight loss and taking these drugs together may “hide” side effect that comes with use of Topamax. Do not mix these two drugs together. If you are planning to take or you are taking one or another, you must tell your doctor and determine the best mechanism of action. Do not make your own judgement and never take anything that is not confirmed with your primary care physician.

European Adipex – Adipex P is a brand name specifically designed to go on sale in the USA only. In other countries Phentermine HCL based products are called differently. Some countries sell Phentermine without prescription, which is illegal in the United States. For example in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Phentermine is distributed under brands names such as Metermine, Ionamin and Duromine. Other countries sell it under names like Anoxine-AM, Panbesy, Redusa, Razin, Suprenza, Weltmine, Umine, Phentrol and many other names. You have to visit particular country department of health web site and locate information of under what names they distribute Phentermine HCL based products.

Is Fastin and Adipex the same thing – No, it is not. Until 1980’s or so, Fastin used to be a brand name of Phentermine based products. Adipex P is also Phentermine HCL based product. In our days, Fastin is no longer a prescription drug. Company Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals from Norcross, GA, patented name “Fastin” around beginning of 2000s and produced DMAA based supplement – non prescription product under that name – Fastin which does not contain any Phentermine and sold over the counter at stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or even WallMart.

Adipex and cold sweats – Excessive Sweating is one of the side effects. It feels very uncomfortable, but this side effect is less severe and does not require immediate medical attention. Some people relate it to positive effects – “burning fat“, but in reality your body is getting signals that you are overheating and naturally it is trying to cool you down. It also depends on how active your sweat glands are. Some people start sweating when they eat spicy food, some may start sweating when they experience emotions, some people sweat when they move, period. Phentermine users may experience sweating as part of something else and think that this is because of using it. It all depends. Letting your doctor know will not hurt… Remember that when you sweat, your body releases water and in order to stay hydrated you need to keep drinking water. At the same time drinking too much of water may lead to health complications. So be careful and balance your hydration properly.

Fibromyalgia and Adipex – Unfortunately Fibromyalgia is related to muscle pain condition and any type of active lifestyle is associated with pain. Purpose of taking Adipex is not only to suppress your appetite, but to have energy for being active and possibly participate in sports activities. Having Fibromyalgia puts Adipex effectiveness at question. It all depends on how severe Fibromyalgia is and based on some reviews on the internet some people experienced symptoms of Fibromyalgia go away while taking Phentermine. Some people prescribed morphine when having Fibromyalgia and that’s completely opposite from Adipex. Taking Phentermine with any other medications must be observed by your doctor and doctor only. Do not make your own diagnosis and try to buy phentermine online without prescription. You may end up destroying your health and having very serious health complications. Under any circumstances take Adipex or any other drugs without consulting your doctor!

Is Adipex harmful to sarcoidosis – Many people ask this question. Sarcoidosis is not related to weight loss and it is not some kind of weight related condition. Sarcoidosis is a health condition that requires treatment and possibly surgery. Adipex is not related to this condition and may not be used in association with it. If you have sarcoidosis, you must disclose it to your doctor and only doctor may determine if Adipex is harmful for sarcoidosis. There some recommendations what you can and cannot do if you have sarcoidosis, but no study ever says anything about Adipex. For example Avoiding caffeine, alcohol and tobacco will definitely help with overall health. But making decision if you need to take Phentermine based drugs or no in relation to sarcoidosis can only be determined by your doctor.

How much Adipex can you snort – Ouch… this is not good at all!!! You must follow instructions given to you by the physician and what’s written on the package. Do not, under any circumstances, break these pills or capsules and try to snort it or do something else with it. The only way to take it is to put entire tablet or capsule in your mouth and immediately wash it down with water. It comes with slow release coating material in multi layered type of tablet or capsule. When Phentermine taken orally, it slowly begins to dissolve these materials creating chemical reactions in your stomach. Therefore one layer must be dissolved in order for another one to create chemical reaction and start “working”. Crushing it and snorting will not do anything because these chemical reactions may only appear when layers dissolved in the manner it was designed. Snorting drugs is considered an abusive behavior and considered illegal. Also, snorting is dangerous for health. We will not be giving you details of what may happen, but you need to just forget about this idea and follow proper instructions.

What are the dangers associated with Adipex P use – Where to start… First of all, doctors and manufacturers may not tell you (unless you specifically ask) that Phentermine HCL based products may not be prescribed to you longer than 8 months during lifespan. Just like any other stimulants that impact your heart, active ingredient – Phentermine HCL is extremely heavy on your heart. It destroys aortic valve which creates heart condition called “aortic valve leaking” which can lead to many different complications and open heart surgery will be a must in order to repair it. Statistically huge percent of these surgeries are not successful and there no other way to “fix” it. Reason why patients are not being told about it is because legally nobody have to disclose that information to the patient unless asked. After all, Phentermine HCL is a commercial ingredient and both doctors and manufacturers are there to make a buck and to the most what will happen to you later is not part of the concern. You have to make your own determination if you want to go that route or not. There plenty of research information on the web and you can find out everything you need to know about this drug before starting. Taking it is a huge risk and there will be dangers, complications and possible side effects – starting from dry mouth, possible addiction or something else. We are not doctors and may not give you any type of advice. You need to bring these questions to your physician in order to get real answers.

Can Adipex raise heart rate dangerously – Absolutely – just like any prescription drug, it comes with huge list of side effects. These side effects will be disclosed to you in detail by your doctor. Side Effects are the main reasons why it is only available by prescription. Your doctor must take a look at your medical history to see if you ever experienced any side effects with other medications, also if you have any allergies to any type of medications, if your heart is healthy enough to take this medicine. After careful review of your overall health condition, doctor may decide that there possibility of your hart being unable to handle heart rate increase and may not prescribe it to you. If you experience sudden and unusual heart rate increase while on Adipex or for any other reason, you must immediately dial 911. This is unnatural and must be looked at by a doctor. Under any circumstances you may take Adipex that’s not prescribed to you.

What’s in Adipex – Everyone is asking this question – Adipex P is a brand name that belongs to Teva USA. Teva created this brand for the purpose of marketing it’s active ingredient – Phentermine HCL. There no such brand Phentermine, because this is chemical compound that is not possible to brand.

What it means 37.5mg – Normally Adipex P is prescribed with different amount of milligrams of active ingredient – Phentermine HCL. When you first visit the physician and they decide to give you Phentermine based diet pill for the first time, normally they prescribe 10mg of active ingredient, when you come back and show resistance and no side effects, you may be prescribed higher dosage, for example 20mg, 25mg, 30mg and 37.5mg. So to be exact 37.5mg of Phentermine HCL is the highest dosage per single unit (tablet or capsule) that you can take in one serving.

Buy Adipex Retard – what does it mean – Hmm… Not sure why people call it “Retard”.. Well, some of the online stores refer to Adipex P as “retard”… This is absolutely wrong term to refer to this weight loss drug. Normally it is referred as Diet Pill or Weight Loss product, but not “retard”. This word “retard” means intellectual disability and normally referred to the condition of people with slow thinking process. It is also a vulgar term and used as bullying element to make someone feel bad. I just don’t see a connection between Adipex P weight loss drug and term “retard”.

What does it mean – “buy adipex online lowest prices guaranteed” – Many online pharmacies claim that they sell real Adipex with Phentermine without prescription. In reality it is not true statement and most of them either try to steal your identity or sell you counterfeit product that does not have any Phentermine in it. If you can find legit place that sell genuine Phentermine HCL based Adipex P, that’s produced in another country for sale within the country, “you are lucky”, but importing it, you will be looking at felony charges if you get caught by customs. The only legit way to get this weight loss drug is if you go to your doctor and get a prescription. The only way to buy it is if you go to your local pharmacy store and fill the prescription. Otherwise you are committing a crime. There no such valid term – buy adipex online – lowest prices guaranteed. It is simply not possible.

Can I buy adipex online without a script? – No – you cannot buy adipex without a script or prescription. Adipex P is the brand name product and main ingredient in it is Phentermine Hydrochloride which is Schedule IV controlled substance. It is only allowed for personal use when prescribed by a doctor. If you are caught in the United States by the police with possession of this drug without proper documentation – in this case prescription from the doctor, you will be criminally charged. US law – chapter 2925.11 – US controlled substance drug offence law states that it is fifth degree felony which may lead to prison sentence of up to 6 years, depending on the state and amount of drug in possession.

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