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Whether you take Adipex in its generic form, brand name, capsule or tablet form, it’s all about weight loss. This weight loss drug acts as an appetite suppressant which prevents hunger pains which allows you to eat less thereby taking in fewer calories which allows you to lose weight. Along with a reduced caloric intake, behavioral modification and exercise, Adipex can get you on to the road of weight loss success.


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At this point, let’s become familiar some pharmaceutical lingo so we can better understand what we are buying. Let’s look a Adipex as a generic versus brand name. When a pharmaceutical manufacturer creates a new drug, they end up giving it several names. One is the very long chemical description name (i.e. 3,4,4,5-tetramethylcyclohexa-2,5-dienone) which only chemists can understand and appreciate. The above chemical formula has nothing to do with Phentermine but demonstrates how complicated molecules can get. Then you can have a generic name versus a branded name.

The generic name is supposed to represent the chemical form/structure of the drug. This name is constant throughout the world of chemistry. In other words, it doesn’t change. The second name is a name given by the pharmaceutical company and is the brand name and has nothing to do with its chemical form. It’s what ever the pharmaceutical company wants to call it. Generic Adipex contains the generic molecule Phentermine and is referred to as Phentermine.  Adipex is the brand name and it contains Phentermine but we call it Adipex. ​ Generic drugs go through rigorous tests by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they are compared to the brand name drugs. If the generics are found to be equal to the brand-name, The FDA gives them a double A rating (“AA”).

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It turns out the all generic Phentermine, 37.5 mg tablets and capsules have a double A rating. There are a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers that make Phentermine (generic) such as Actavis and Lannett. Since this generic Adipex has a double A rating all around the world, generic Adipex is as effective as its branded form. And, of course the generic form is much cheaper than the brand name so if you’re a smart shopper, you can save a lot of money by buying the generic form. But, remember that not all generics are created equal so make sure to check on its FDA rating. Some generics don’t work the same as the branded drug.

One way to tell the difference between generic Adipex and Branded is to look at the packaging. Adipex as a brand name comes in two forms which is tablets and capsules. The capsules are blue and white and have the word Adipex-P printed on the blue part of the capsule. You’ll also see two black bands on the white part of the capsule. The branded tablet form of Adipex is oval with tiny blue dots with the word Adipex-P printed on it. ​The generic form of Adipex or what is called Phentermine also comes in tablet and capsule form but they look very different from the branded drug. ​ Generic capsules have different color combinations such as orange/gray, blue/white or yellow/gray.

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