Teva Pharmaceutical Industries – Adipex Makers In USA

​Teva is all about improving health worldwide by bringing together innovation, quality and accessibility. This means they are committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare for everyone around the world at every stage of life. They accomplish this by developing, making and marketing generic drugs which are affordable as well as innovative and specialty pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


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​Teva’s global headquarters are located in Israel and they were established in 1901. Their portfolio contains more than 1,000 different molecules producing around 64 billion tablets and capsules a year and they have 66 manufacturing facilities. They report that they are among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies globally and are active in 60 different countries. They employ around 43,000 employees globally.

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​Teva has developed a corporate culture of caring and their employees know that their efforts go far beyond business results. The Teva work environment goes beyond professional aspects but enriches their employees personal lives through a range of social benefits, training programs and opportunities to volunteer in their local communities.

​Teva focuses on specialty medicines turning their insights into treatments which has made them take a leading position in specialty pharmaceuticals. They have developed innovative solutions for patients and medical providers by way of medicines, medical devices and services around the globe.

This is particularly true in the core therapeutic areas of central nervous system disorders (CNS) including pain and lung disease. They have also developed products in cancer, women’s health and much more. There generic medicines make healthcare more accessible to everyone. They have an extensive portfolio such that 1 in 7 generic prescriptions in the U.S. is filled with Teva products. One of the largest brands by Teva is Adipex P. They have an incredible track record of new market development along with strong research and development ability. They have one of the most efficient and high quality manufacturing systems globally.

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​Teva promotes consumer self-care and well-being with over-the-counter (OTC) products. They currently have an alliance with Procter & Gamble which allows them to combine their production capabilities and market reach around the world. Teva is a leading supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) which are the raw materials of the drug industry.  The upshot of all of this is that Teva creates new ways of addressing unmet patient needs by bringing together drug development abilities with devices, services and technologies.

In 2015, Teva netted 19.7 billion dollars.. They are on top of rising health care costs in an ever changing world, the ever aging population component and shifts in disease patterns that require product innovation in an expanding global market.

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