Best Way To Exercise On Duromine

​Duromine is the brand name of the generic Phentermine hydrochloride and is used as a weight loss therapy along with a low calorie diet and an exercise plan. An exercise routine is a very important part of your weight loss journey and not to be taken lightly. Even though Duromine is an appetite suppressant, it can’t do all the work by itself.


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Exercise Suggestions When On Duromine

​Overly, this is all about behavioral modification and creating an overall healthy style. This will help to minimize any Duromine side effects while improving your mood and overall outlook on life. For those of you who don’t already have an exercise routine established, there are some rules you need to know including how to set up goals, how to make time and how to go about exercising (what’s best for you).

  • Keep it simple – don’t make drastic changes and go overboard. Stay within your current comfort zone. If you don’t, your chances for success are greatly reduced. So, start with something you are familiar with because this will provide instant gratification making you feel good about yourself. So, Walking is a good place to start. Try walking around the block. If that doesn’t seem like enough, then try two or three times. Try doing this 3 or more days a week, weather permitting. As time passes by, try walking faster and faster and work into a power walk if you can. This can really burn a lot of calories.
  • Exercise properly – to be successful with your exercise routine, you need to be committed. You need to do this on a regular basis (be consistent) even if you don’t want to. For this to happen, your exercise needs to be somewhat convenient. Make sure to set up a time that works for every time. There shouldn’t be any conflicts with work or family. If that happens, you’ll end up making excuses for why not to exercise. So, right from the very beginning, you need to get a plan together and write it down on a calendar or perhaps you could put it on your “smart phone”.
  • Don’t worry about burning calories – new comers often try to keep track of the calories they burn in a workout. Generally this isn’t particularly reliable for weight loss and overly it doesn’t help to establish a routine for long-term weight loss. Pay attention to exercises that improve your strength, ability and speed and pay attention to how you feel while you’re doing this. Over time this will help you establish a long-term exercise routine that works well. Do the kind of exercises that you enjoy doing. You’re not going to be a body builder so don’t act like one. Make your exercise routine fun. One of the best ways to see if you’re making progress is by weighing yourself. Make sure to keep a record of this.
  • Gradually increase workouts – setting proper goals is also important for your success. If you goals are to high, you’ll never make it. If your goals are to low, you might become bored and stop. Nevertheless, you need to start out slowly and increase your workouts over time. When you feel that you can physically do more, then do so. However, don’t over do it. If you feel stiff and sore, you went overboard. If this happens, go back to an earlier time when you weren’t sore and begin again there.
  • Create challenges – this goes with gradually increasing your workouts. Most of us are at our happiest when we are doing something that is challenging but yet something we can achieve. If not, we tend to get bored and lose interest. Somewhere along the line, try an exercise that you haven’t done before. If perchance you didn’t like it or didn’t do well with it, then try something else. Just go forward. Down the road a ways, you might want to join a yoga class or perhaps get into a gym. The sky’s the limit.
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