What To Eat While Taking Duromine

​Before determining what to eat while taking Duromine with Phentermine HCL, let’s look at what we need to do before we establish a menu. You need to begin thinking about planning your meals.



​For instance, do you want to cook or buy at least some foods already prepared. If you’re working or going to school, cooking can put a crimp in your style. This is time consuming and you have clean up as well. You could cook everything you’ll need for a week in one day (say Sunday) and portion foods out and put some of them in the freezer. This certainly works and also determines what foods you can do this way. Perhaps the next week you get mostly prepared foods from the grocery store such as salads and/or rotisserie chicken which for one person can last all week. Keep in mind that cooking at home can save a fair amount of money so if your food budget is a little on the slim side, stick with cooking at home. Another thing to consider is buying frozen veggies. Many of them come in steam bags. You just put the whole bag in the microwave for 5 minutes and you’re done. These are really good veggies and there is no cleanup and you can have them when ever you want. Whether you decide to cook or buy pre-made, you’ll need to sit down at the beginning of the week and decide what you’re going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 7 days. Write this down on a food planner. Food diary planners can be printed out from the internet.

Example Of First Day Meal When On Duromine

  • Morning meal – take Duromine two hours before you have breakfast, or two hours after you have breakfast. Make sure to take a big glass of water with the capsule. If you plan to work out before breakfast, try eating a handful of nuts and half a piece of fruit (banana or apple). For breakfast, consider a boiled or poached egg, one slice whole wheat toast (pat of butter) and a low sugar yogurt. You can have a whole grain cereal instead of toast.
  • Mid-morning snack – even though Duromine is an appetite suppressor, you still might feel like you want a snack in the morning. Eat something that has a lot of fiber and protein that is around 100 Calories. There are a number of health bars that meet this requirement. Make sure you keep some of these on the pantry shelf to take with.
  • Lunch – again make sure you have plenty of fiber and protein. Salads are good for this. A mixture of greens with other veggies and some protein source such as lean chicken or eggs is a good choice. You can have a few whole wheat crackers with this. Don’t forget to keep drinking water. Duromine is known to create dry mouth.
  • Afternoon snack – just a little something to keep your metabolism going. Remember, it is important to eat while on Duromine in order to lose weight. A low cal protein smoothie is a good idea. Go easy on the fruit. Fruit has a lot of sugar in it. You could have a yogurt or cottage cheese or another health bar.
  • Evening meal – Now might be the time to cook and of course it should be low cal. Think about 4 to 6 ounces of salmon, tuna, skinless chicken or lean beef along with steamed veggies is perfect. You can have a small amount of brown/wild rice which you can mix into your steamed veggies if you like.

​For the rest of the week, all you need to do is variation on the above theme. Change your protein source, steam a different veggie and have a small portion of pasta instead of brown or wild rice. If you decide to have a pork chop, then add some sweet potato to that. For breakfast, try your eggs cooked differently. Scramble them, cook them sunny side up or do soft boiled.

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(Last Updated On: 1st July 2022)