Where To Buy Fastin Without Prescription?

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​Fastin with Phentermine HCL is no longer available. It has been discontinued. Nevertheless, if it were available you would not be able to buy it online without a prescription. Fastin was a prescription drug that contained generic Phentermine. Generic Phentermine requires a prescription as well and is still available with prescription. Phentermine was approved by the FDA in 1959.



It is used as a weight-loss drug along with a low-calorie diet and exercise program. This generic drug became a best seller under brand names such as Fastin, Adipex-P and Ionamin. A number of side effects had been reported by the 1990s and in 1998 it was removed from the market as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug. At that point, Phentermine was sold as a prescription drug in the United States. When Phentermine was removed as an OTC drug, this left a big gap in the weight-loss arena. As a result, Phentermine alternatives began to crop up that didn’t require a prescription. Ultimately, the question is do you want to buy a prescription drug or a natural alternative.

Since Fastin is discontinued, of course your can’t buy it anywhere but you can buy generic Phentermine with a prescription. In the past, you could order prescription drugs online by getting a prescription online. How did this work? Well, you had to fill out an internet questionnaire which boils down to having a “virtual consultation” supposedly with a doctor online. If your virtual consultation was approved, you could order Phentermine online. This so called virtual consultation became illegal in 2005. If you want a prescription for Phentermine, you have to see you doctor in person and get a paper copy of the prescription. With this, you can buy generic Phentermine online. It is not legal to buy a prescription drug without a prescription from your personal physician! So, if you go out to a website and it says you can buy Phentermine without a prescription, this is definitely not true. The product that they are selling is not Phentermine but some alternative that contains natural ingredients. Some of these alternatives contain a mix of alkaloids, botanicals and caffeine. This is not Phentermine.

If you have a prescription from your doctor for Phentermine, then you can order online. You’ll need to find a website that sells real Phentermine and follow their instructions for ordering with a prescription. It is easy as they will ask you for background information along with your prescription number. you’ll have to wait a bit as they verify your prescription. And, before you know it, Phentermine will be at your front door.

​Perhaps you have decided that you don’t want to fool with a prescription from your doctor for Phentermine. There are natural alternatives that are available from a number of websites without a prescription required. Keep in mind that these are not Phentermine and don’t work the same way. Many of them are appetite suppressants and some increase metabolism but they do it in a different way. Some of these alternatives include: Phen Caps, Phen Ultra herbal solution, Ephedrix diet pills, Phen Apex, Phen375, FenFast 375, Adiphene and PhenObestin to name a few.

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