What Is Ionamine?

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Ionamin contains the generic drug phentermine that has been mixed with resin to keep Ionamin in blood longer. Ionamin is a sympathomimetic amine similar to amphetamine. It is believed to stimulate the central nervous system and act as an appetite suppressant with the added bonus of increasing energy levels. It comes in 15 mg and 30 mg capsules.


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​Ionamin is in a class of drugs used to treat obesity and these are referred to as anorectics or anorexigens. It still is not known that the primary mechanism is one of appetite suppression. Clearly, there are other central nervous system actions and/or metabolic effects involved. Short-term clinical trials have demonstrated that obese adults taking anorectic drugs lose more weight on the average than those treated with placebo and diet.

​In clinical trials, the amount of weight loss varies from one trial to another and the increased weight loss appears to be related in part to variables other than the drug. These include the physician/investigator, what population was treated, diet used and if any exercise was done. Also consider that obesity is measured in years, whereas trials are limited to a few weeks or months. The total impact of drug-induced weight loss over diet alone is clinically limited. So someone taking it outside a clinical trial may have different results and in fact, forum blogs are indicating this. Both Phentermine hydrochloride and Phentermine resin complex (Ionamin) blood levels have been tested and there doesn’t appear to be any difference and both work the same.

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​Although Ionamin (Phentermine) requires a prescription, there is a so called premium diet and energy pill manufactured by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals known as Ionamin® OTC (over-the-counter) and the price is unbelievably low. Ionamin OTC doesn’t contain Phentermine but rather Phenylethylamine alkaloids and botanicals including 150 mg of caffeine. Ionamin OTC is backed by two clinical trials that demonstrated that this weight loss dietary supplement does make a difference in weight loss.

  • Ionamin OTC demonstrated an increase in metabolism of 22 percent in just 45 minutes.
  • Ionamin OTC increased metabolic rate by 14.5 percent in 6 hours.
  • Ionamin OTC was 208 percent more effective at weight loss and 385 percent more effective at fat burned. Ionamin was 66 percent stronger than 30 mg Ephedrine and 152 percent stronger than 10 mg Ephedrine

​So, if you feel you don’t want to go the prescription route, consider trying Ionamin OTC. This dietary supplement can be bought from Hi Tech Supplements. They source, market and sell high quality, innovative, science based sports nutritional supplements and diet & energy products.

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