Phentermine And Atkins Diet

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​There are so many diets out there. Some new and some very old. But without a doubt a relatively new diet, Atkins Diet, has become very popular, not only among athletes but the average person as well.


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Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet is a known fast weight loss program that gets results. It is a low carbohydrate, high protein diet. Some complex carbs are allowed here but sugar isn’t. The basic diet cuts your sugar down to no more than 13 grams a day. What this does is puts you into ketosis. Since you take in very little sugar, you body burns what sugar it has available. When it runs out of that, it burns fat. Great, and it does (I’ve done it).

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Using fat as an energy source generates ketones which get filtered out in the kidney and pass out by way of urine. You can measure this process with ketone strips. You can buy those at the pharmacy.

When urinating, you place the ketone strip in the urine flow and if you are producing ketones, it will turn color (not unlike Litmus paper and pH). That tells you that your diet is working. If you follow this diet correctly (stay under 13 grams of sugar per day), you can lose 7 pounds in one week. By the second week, you will have lost in total, 14 to 15 pounds. For real! Now imagine coupling Atkins Diet with Phentermine. Seriously! Well, that’s what a number of Atkins Dieters wanted to do. Keep in mind, you can eat all you want on Atkins diet so long as it doesn’t have sugar in it. This sounds great, but like any diet there are set backs. ​​There are few foods that don’t contain sugar and some contain a lot so the diet can get boring with a limited food repertoire. Consuming a lot of meat can be hard on the kidneys but after a while your taste for meat may wane simply because you’ve had too much and you begin craving foods that are high in sugar/carbohydrates. So, what to do?

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Stay on Atkins Diet and take phentermine. Phentermine will reduce your cravings for all foods including carbs and keep you on track with Atkins. A number of people use this combination and have reported success. They were able to stick with Atkins longer and continue losing a lot of weight in a short piece of time.

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So, if you want to lose weight fast and do it safely without starving yourself and experiencing hunger pains, take phentermine (an appetite suppressor) and bring in Atkins diet (low carbohydrate diet) and mix it up. Atkins diet works well but has the problem of a limited food repertoire which can make it difficult to stay away from some high sugar foods. As soon as you take in the sugars, the diet is done. Phentermine may help you stay with Atkins longer.

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