KVK Tech Phentermine

​KVK Tech is about developing and manufacturing of FDA-approved medicines including generic Phentermine that address unmet patients needs.



They are a leader in high-quality medicines and take pride in their ability to made advances in medical care while offering low-cost alternatives to meet today’s healthcare challenges. They believe that their success is based on their skills, business expertise and dedication of their employees in maintaining the highest possible manufacturing practices along with providing excellent customer service. Their philosophy is oriented around quality, affordability and integrity throughout everything they do. They have respect for their customers, employees and community and take the time to listen to all people who are involved in making healthcare decisions from patients to healthcare providers.

​KVK Tech was established in 2004 in Newtown, PA. KVK Tech is proud to say that all their products are made in the United States in their state-of-the-art facility in Pennsylvania. On the horizon is a new plant that will work with sterile injectables which is currently under construction in nearby langhorne which will provide 250,000 square feet of working space. Recently they also purchased the 461,000 square foot Lockheed-Martin complex in Newtown.

Anthony Tabasso, president and CEO of KVK-Tech, announces agreement to acquire the Lockheed Martin campus in Newtown.

​Their mission is to build on their promise to bring safe, effective and affordable pharmaceuticals that are FDA-approved to meet the needs of their customers and health care professionals when they need it.

They continue to build and maintain lasting relationships with U.S. largest pharmacy chains, wholesalers and distributors. ​ ​KVK Tech’s leadership team is made up of individuals who are absolutely dedicated to upholding the core principles of quality, affordability and integrity.  According to Anthony Tabasso, CEO and President of KVK Tech, “By 2020, KVK will apply its relentless drive to manufacture high-quality, affordable generics in every major dosage form and all of our products will be made in the USA, right here in Pennsylvania”.

About Generic Drugs

​Did you know that just about 8 in 10 prescriptions filled in the United States are for generic drugs. Generic drugs are comparable to branded drugs in dosage form, strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics. Generic drugs cost a lot less than branded drugs because the manufacturer isn’t required to repeat expensive animal and clinical research on the ingredients or dosage forms that are already approved by the FDA.

​Generally, people think that if an item costs more, then it should be of better quality. However, in the case of generic drugs, this is definitely not true. Keep in mind, that the standards for quality are the same for brand names as generic products. Lower price doesn’t mean lower quality.

​KVK Tech makes sure that quality comes first in all their products. They make sure that the generic has the same active ingredient as the branded form. It must be identical in strength, dosage form and route of administration. The generic must have the same use indications and be bioequivalent. It must also meet same batch regulations for identity, strength, purity and quality.

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