Side Effect – Rage On Phentermine

​Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that is used to lose weight in individuals who need assistance with their weight loss. As your appetite decreases, you eat less and your daily caloric intake goes down which in turn creates weight loss. Phentermine is well tolerated by most individuals, however some do experience side effects.


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Side Effects

​These side effects include insomnia, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, high blood pressure, constipation, dry mouth, food aversion, anxiety as well as possible changes in personality that may exhibit something like rage. If you’re experiencing rage on a regular basis, Phentermine is not right for you. In some individuals, Phentermine was found to be habit forming. If you have this problem, then Phentermine is not right for you. You should not drive a car or operate heavy machinery when first taking Phentermine, until you know how Phentermine works on you.

​Phentermine has been known to generate anxiety in some individuals. Phentermine acts as a simulator of the central nervous system. Some individuals end up being overstimulated creating a sense of nervousness, restlessness and sleeplessness which are symptoms of anxiety.

Rage is the worst side effect

If this is left unchecked, it can turn into rage and that is a serious behavior problem. For those of you who have some form of depression, Phentermine may work wonders for you due to its stimulating effects. Phentermine may enhance your mood and boost self image making you feel good about yourself. It is believed that phentermine can combat low arousal and fatigue commonly found in depressed individuals. In fact, it works in a similar way to Wellbutrin. On the other hand, if you have some form of anxiety naturally, phentermine can make you more anxious by overstimulating and possibly throw you into a rage state over nothing. So, phentermine is not for everyone.

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Phentermine is known to increase EEG beta activity

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​Although the underlying mechanism for rage/anxiety is not fully understood, phentermine is known to increase EEG beta activity. Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings have demonstrated a difference in depressed individuals versus healthy subjects. Depressed individuals have greater slow wave activity known as theta waves. Theta waves are those waves found in nREM sleep. So these are sleep waves. Beta waves which are waves that are prevalent when you are awake performing tasks are low in some depressed people. Phentermine decreases theta waves and increases beta waves making you more alert and less sleepy. This brings about greater arousal, mental focus/clarity and energy to the individual. However, in some individuals this goes overboard. You get to much beta and that brings the individual into a state of anxiety.

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​Periodically, this can develop into rage. These individuals possibly have a predisposition for these behaviors and phentermine sends them over the edge. Be aware of the possible side effects of anxiety and rage and observe your own behavior. Seriously, monitor yourself. If you become agitated quickly for no reason, then you are exhibiting the symptoms of anxiety and rage. Talk with your health care provider right away. Chances are, you’ll have to get off of phentermine but not all at once because this could generate withdrawal symptoms.

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