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​If you are located in the United States, buying phentermine is simple. It does not require a prescription and there are a number of websites available that sell generic forms as well as brand names such as Adipex P or Qsymia with fast shipping. It is illegal, but for some reason there number of web sites selling it in USA online. Most likely it is fake Phentermine.



If you have used this product before, you might want to consider buying in bulk as the savings are considerable and generally you get free shipping with that. Many sites have repeat order systems which provide for substantial savings as well. If you’re using a site for the first time, take the time to register for an account. It makes it easier when you want to reorder. Quite often new members to a site get an automatic discount. Take advantage of these things.

​Frequently Asked Questions:

​Websites generally have a “Frequently Asked Questions” link that can answer most any question you might ask about the product, ordering, shipping information, etc. Use this service before you contact customer service as it quite often is faster. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, by all means contact customer service. And, remember, phentermine does not require a prescription. If you have further questions about this, please talk with your healthcare provider.

​Order Tracking System:

​There are no real dietary restrictions using Phentermine, however you want to eat sensibly. As an appetite suppressant, phentermine reduces your craving for food and by so doing helps you to take in fewer calories thereby allowing you to lose weight.

Missed dose of phentermine?

Weight lose can greatly be accelerated if you restrict your caloric intake between 1,000 and 1,500 calories. Eat sensibly by taking in healthy fats, high fiber foods and lean proteins. Eating foods with low sugar content is recommended as well. And, if you want to lose even more weight, consider doing some exercise. Even walking can be sufficient. Make sure to read the insert that comes with the bottle and that you understand the instructions.

​​Remember, you can order any time of the day or night online. Orders are usually processed within 24 hours and shipped once processed in most cases. Customer service is also available for questions you might have.

When taking medicine, all of us have probably missed a dose from time to time just like we forget to eat sometimes.

​There’s no reason to panic. You’ll simply have to wait until your next dosage time to take your phentermine. ​Do not double the dose. This could lead to an overdose and you want to avoid that.

Alcohol and phentermine

Drinking alcoholic beverages is not recommended while on phentermine. ​Read the precautions on the insert that comes with the bottle. One drink might be okay once a week but don’t over do it.

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